Thursday, 22 December 2011

Thrifty Thursday!

Have woken up this morning with a bit of a sniffle, sore throat & a little bit achy. I am going to take it easy today.  Hopefully it will not get any worse.  At work the heating is on really high & every so often you have to go outside to cool down. Its set at 25 degrees the heating at work!, like a furnace.  All the other girls are back from holidays & sickness, a new lady is starting.  I will perhaps get the odd shift occasionally. On a plus side one of the girls at work is giving up a private cleaning job 3 hours at £10 per hour once per week.

This morning I went on my online banking & put £50.00 in to my emergency fund.  This was made up of one shifts work  £45.50 (As I only did one shift last week). I made it up to to £50.00.  I am overdrawn in my current account but I will get that down asap.  Emergency fund up to £150.00 .

Also found this on mse you will need to print it

I also used the asda price guarantee where you type in your receipt details. I got a total of £1.94 back.
This will be used of my next shop
I bought this ring binder at at a jumble sale for 30p. It did say the birthday file. I replaced that with some cut out magazine letters.   Inside it has the different months with a pocket area to slide things in the sleeve. I am going to use it as my file for anything financial & notes.
This will be my 2012 ebay sales book!. Every penny will be watched in 2012. Wish I had started that a long time ago! x x


  1. Hope you're feeling better soon! That's great that you have your notebooks ready to go! I need to get mine ready as well! I have to track every penny we spend next year... I love that your book has the different months! :)

  2. Yes, I'm envious like Carla, that file looks great!

    Hope you feel better soon, have a good rest, there are horrible bugs going around at the moment.

    I'm am so impressed with you putting £100 into your emergency fund already.That's great.

    I need to also attack ebay sales next year. In all honesty, it's the only way we'll get a new camera next year. Maybe I should get a book too.

  3. Hope you feel better soon and our love and blessings go your way for Christmas and a wonderful 2012.

  4. Your getting very organised. You should be rolling in it this time next year if you keep up with all this saving. Well done you x

    Hopre the sniffle and sore throat does not get any worse for you. I'm still full of cold and am hoping it goes before christmas.

  5. Nothing like getting organised - halfway there to accomplishing your goal - emergency fund at £150 is fantastic!

    If keeping track of your sales/profits on Ebay, don't forget to deduct the Paypal charges - 3.4% plus £0.20 per transaction on the gross (inc post) - easy to forget this - I speak from bitter experience!



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