Thursday, 29 December 2011

Had to do it..

Today master no spend wanted to go & spend some christmas money .  He likes his xbox so bought an xbox game. He also bought a rolling stones sweater with the big red lips on the front!.  Town was jam packed with shoppers.  I did not want to be there but thought as I was there I would make the most of the trip. Seeing as I am joining Carlas No Spend January!.  Join if you have not already the more the merrier.
I bought 2 packs of christmas cards reduced from £2.99 down to 99p (very nice ones too).  I have a few cards left over this year which I will use for next year.
I popped into Boots & looked at the sale stuff. I came away with 2 x soap dishes with soap & flannel. Reduced from £5.00 down to £2.50.(thanks Miss Piggy Bank saw them on your blog x) One of these will be for my sisters birthday present in June. The other a spare gift.I used my Boots points card to. Then I got given a Boots £5.00 No 7 voucher!.  I went & bought a nail varnish. Boots No 7 ones are normally £7.00 ! each !. I used my voucher & paid a more reasonable £2.00.  I only paint my toes & did not have a single nail varnish as my other ones went all globby. I thought I may as well treat myself seeing as I had the voucher.

I was given christmas money & bought a top in Primark it was £5.00 not reduced just its normal price. I like its style & the edging on the top. I will wear it with black trousers or a black skirt. I like the simple style of it. I have not bought an item of clothing for a long time.
Last but not lease in Primark they had a pack of 8 blank inside cards for £1.50!.  These will be ideal for this years birthdays etc. Most of the birthdays are girly ones! They have a little diamonte detailing on them to. On Audreys tiara & Marilyns earings!
 I had a chicken wrap in Mc Donalds while out & son had a cheeseburger & chips. Master No Spend went & complained about his milkshake being really runny & they gave him his money back!. They said the machine was not working properly!
While in town I did some banking . I am overdrawn by a bit but will get this down in the next few weeks. I did top my emergency fund up to £290.00 yesterday though. Gives me a nice feeling to know I am trying to make the amount go up & not down!.
I did not spend much at all which was good. I really did have my fill of town & thought "ooh I really do not like all this hustle & bustle". Now I have had a little fix thats it.  No Spend January here I come!! ,
Onwards upwards, infinity & beyond!
Are you ready for your No Spend January?.  x x x


  1. Your no spend challenge aside, this is exactly what I do if I need a fix, shop for presents!

    Sft x

  2. Nice little bargains my dear. Good luck with the no spend January. I may need my boiler fixed so I'm afraid I will have to spend! Bummer eh?!

    X x



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