Monday, 12 December 2011

Beautiful Day

Today I did lots of cleaning & housework cleaned my oven to!. 
It was such a beautiful sunny day.Walked to my local Sainsburys as had run out of my sultana bran !. I also had some nectar points I needed to put on my nectar card as  had saved my receipt to do that .Posted a friends christmas card while over that way to.
Yesterday  went to meet up with friends over mulled wine & mince pies( I do not drink so I had tea).Walked there which was uphill & walked back.  I am trying to do more.Its easy when you have been low for quite a while to let things slip. I have started having a daily walk of anything from half hour to an hour.  I have eaten very healthily today.  If anything I feel like I need slowly building up!. ( I dont mean with weight added ! taken away would be good!)
This week I am working 1 x 7 hour shift & next week 2 x 7 hour shifts. It suits me just fine this as & when required work, at this present moment in time. I get to work with some lovely staff . Everyone has there own trials & tribulations in there own lives.   Just different sort of stuff going on.    
I have a few little gifts to get for christmas for my sister & my mum. What do you do to relax?


  1. the walking is really enjoyable isn't it and it's nice to incorporate it into everyday errands.

  2. I like to relax with a good book.

    Congrats on the healthy living.

    I need you to inspire me, as like you I have let things slip (big time in my case).

    I love your positive attitude.

    Sft x

  3. Sounds like a nice time. Relaxing is something I need to do!

    Thanks for your comment, things are a little better this afternoon thankfully!

    I like catching up on my favourite blogs, a long walk and catching up with friends.

    X x



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