Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Mixed day !

Today I went to my mums with my sister & DD as well as DS.  This was the first get together as I did not see my mum  & dad on christmas day.  Dinner was lovely & we exchanged gifts. It was all going really well
But!. There had to be a but. DD asked if she could stay with me & Mr no spend on Thursday night. I said yes which was fine.  Then my DD asked if she could stay tonight. I said "no".  Over christmas DD stayed 6 nights & it went ok no dramas.  As I said no DD went mad.  DD does not like being told no. I said no as I had agreed to thursday.  Anyway DD got a bit shouty my sister pulled her up. DD then told my sister " to stick her nose out".  It all went rather pear shaped, my sister was crying, my mum was crying because my sister was crying. I left with my sister, DS & hugged my mum. My dad looked upset. My dad is in his mid seventies  & is more of a softie nowadays. When I was a child you did not get on the wrong side of my dad, you just didnt. With DD he is a softie & while all this was going on, he kept quiet. I guess he stays on the fence you could say.  I still do not like to see him upset. 
Anyway that all happened because I said DD could not stay tonight.  DD did not get her way. It can be an upward battle with DD.  DD tries to force you in to doing what she wants. 
Anyway changing the subject!.  When I was on mse. I saw someone had posted a link to these Cath Kiston mugs.  They were £2.00 each instead of £5.00 (including free delivery).  My sister wanted one & I ordered 3. Four lovely mugs for £8.00 including free delivery.  I have bought them one for a christmas present for next year.The other two for little birthday presents.  Later on when I went to check the supplier had put them up to £3.99 each. I was lucky I got them for £2.00 each!.  A slight exception to my no going to the sales(online sale!!!)  
I am going to make little gifts this year, but at that price who could resist!.
I am going to have a little think about handmade gifts & maybe post an odd tutorial. I have something in mind!. I need to collect some jam jars/empty jars. It looks pretty what I have in mind!?. 
Take care xx

Also many thanks to Miss Piggy Bank at

For My Special Award
I feel very touched that my blog has been given a little award.  


  1. Sorry it went pear shaped,at this moment I understand perfectly at this point, you have done what is right for you,and thats what is important the mugs what a bargain! Mum and Dad would be soft about DD as that is what Grandies do,you must put yourself first for a long time to come.You have grown so much,your strength was amazing...well will make her a better person too.Hugs from me xx

  2. stay strong, you're doing the right thing with DD.
    That mug is lovely!



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