Sunday, 4 December 2011

I love sundays

I woke up this morning had a bath & hairwash. Dried my hair. Popped my pjs back on. They are so nice & fleecy its easier to stay warm in them. I never normally wear my pjs all day.  I did lots of little jobs.

  • Wrapped my ebay parcels up
  • List some items on ebay some nice dresses
  • Finish writing christmas cards
  • Sort the christmas cards out that are being sent & the ones that I am hand delivering 
  • Ironing

I also sorted out one of my drawers where I keep my hair driers, epilator & lotions & potions!.  One of my challenges is to use all my lotions up. Not to buy any things till it is all used up. I am sure I will run out of shampoo first 
I sorted the bathroom cabinet out.  I use the tesco face scrub morning & night. I then tone using the rose & glycerine toner .  Lastly I moisturize using the bodyshop seaweed moisturizer. I have a face peel       masque, I use that twice a week.  The body lotion has a hint of self tanner.  Just to take the edge of my pale look away.  I will use all these things first before going to my drawer & using that stuff.  
   My little christmas tree has been put up. We bought a 4ft potted one( must cover the blue bucket with something!). It was from Asda & cost £15.00. At the end of christmas we will plant it in garden. I made all the red gingham hearts last year using some Tesco red gingham tea towels!, some jute & a few buttons from my button pot. It looks very sweet twinkling in the evening.  
I love this little reindeer!
Not forgetting Santa!
 Lastly but not least I have joined Sft sealed pot challenge.  This one was made out of a pringles tube with brown paper, few stickers & a lacy bit!. I have deposited my first two 20 pence pieces inside today. After today I am not going to keep track of what I drop in there. It will be just 20 pences though.
Go & join if you have not already.  Sft had lots in her magerine tub at the end of the year.
Have a lovely weekend x x x
Ps Love this song


  1. I like how organised you are , with the 2012 goals. Must get sorted myself :-)

  2. You have a good daily beauty regime. I just use face wipes on my face and slap on the moisturiser.

    Love your cute little Christmas tree. No decorations up here yet.

  3. I agree, you've had a brilliant day NSD! So inspiring!

    Please accept a Liebster award from me. Will blog about it tomorrow. It's for inspirational bloggers.

    Sft x

  4. I love that you're going to plant the tree after Christmas!

  5. Just dropping in again to let you know I have given you a bloggers award. Drop by my blog for your award x

  6. loving the tree. Great saving idea.

    X x



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