Thursday, 21 March 2013

Summer Clothes & mix & match outfit!!

I woke up to an overcast grey morning .  Days like this we all yearn for sunshine!.  I pulled my summer clothes out. I like the brightness the polka dot ,the floral, the tangerine & nautical stripes & not forgetting the bright yellowness!. I cannot wait to wear my skirts & feel the summer breeze & sun on my skin. I think I will hang the summer bits in my wardrobe now just to remind me, like a gentle reminder to let me know!
My jazzy gold pumps &  stripy socks
I wore this print skirt with my leggings underneath! & a cream lacy style top with a peter pan collar.  I said to my husband " does this look ok?" he chuckled & said " well its bright".  I went out today in a mix & match bright outfit. I chucked to myself to, as I know its a bit mix & match!.  I did it in the name of brightening up a grey day!.  Do you have a favourite colour that instantly cheers you up?. I love tangerine orange, red, white & apple green & not forgetting stripes & polka dots......!
Mr no spend is off half this week. He want to relax more than anything.  We went swimming yesterday I did 47 lengths (its only a small pool!). I also went swimming on Monday. I love swimming . I do the breast stroke & doggy paddle. It has helped my bad back no ends. Anyone who suffers with reoccurring back ache should start swimming.It really has done the trick & that's why I keep it up.


Thursday, 14 March 2013


Today I woke up a bit to early.I seem to always wake far to early 4.30 usually!.  I was feeling a bit glum at one point in the morning . So I forced myself  to go for a walk. I did not want to!. Anyway near to where I live I took the dog walking trail. I skidded twice through the sloppy mud(did not land on my bottom though, very nearly though!) 

I walked and walked.I managed to be gone for an hour .  Sometimes the things we know we should do that would help us are the very things that are hard to get started or even do.  I should embrace the fact that I am able to just get up & go for a walk.  Mental health can have such a hold over people & things that are nothing to think about for some people are huge things for
others.  I try not to think to far ahead & take little steps.
Lunch today was rocket salad,cucumber,cherry tomatoes, falafels a dollup of houmous & sprinkled with sunflower seeds. It tasted good & I like that it was good clean whole food.  Other things I am doing at the moment are cutting down on drinking tea/coffee as think it probably does not help anxiety . I have done this before & find my dark circles are not so prominent when I cut down to 2 a day (as opposed 6 - 8). I would love to lose 16 lbs in weight to take me to my healthy body mass index to. In time for summer time to! I am still carrying round that stoneI tried to lose last year!
Do you have any ideas for healthy daytime lunches? I am trying to steer clear of sandwitches as I fed up with bread
I will be attempting to keep a food diary blog (link below!)

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Happy Bunny

I am going to make you a "Happy Bunny!". I was reading that nice mans website you know the one who is an expert with money! guessed yet!  . Apparantly if you go to the body shop & pick an item (sale stuff not included) You get £3.00 off & it does not mention a minimum spend, it was an offer to do with a newspaper & you do not need the paper voucher. Just say "Happy Bunny".  I did ask first that they were doing it!. Just incase I hopped up to the counter like a complete idiot & they did not know what I was on about!

The soap was £2.00 coconut (yummy!) and a nice lip balm £2.00 .   Grand total £1.00.   Also on the bottom of the receipt you get £10.00 0ff a £25.00  spend in Bodyshop, will probably pass that on. As I do not go in Body Shop very often to justify a big spend.  It only works instore.  Promise me you will hop to it!! 

I then went in to Boots as I was running out of my Toner.I had been using a Boots Botanicals toner which was in a spray bottle. I did not like spraying it on my face.I just  could not help quenching my eyes tightly shut & screwing my face up. Like someone was spraying a hose at me!.  I bought a Boots Traditional rosewater & glycerin for £2.32 & used  my advantage card points

I then popped to sainsburys as it was the closest one. Spent £10.32 on this stuff. A pot of Edamame bean & butter bean salad to not pictured as I quaffed it as soon as I got in as was so hungry. I did chop up some tiny little cubes of cheese and sprinkled on top. I was a discrace yesterday on the chocolate front!. So being good today for it!. I also bought 2 coconut showergels.I think they were 2 for £1.20 or  2 for £1.50. I have a thing for shower gel. I use a cinamon one , a vanilla one & love anything gingery or lime flavoured!.  I had run out of coconut shower gel. It goes perfectly with that soap.
Today I went on a open morning with a view to do a few hours volunteer work. The volunteer work willlead to accredited training which you undertake first.  Of course eventually I would like a real paid position, but hey experience needs to be gained first.It is a community role & would involve helping members of the community access services, & give advice as well as goal setting (think it would help me to!!) The kind lady reimbursed my bus ticket of £4.40 as well.With volunteer roles expenses like that can be paid for.  As you know I do ironing from home & it has & still does suit me but I would like to go fourth on to something that is more with people. I love to help people & feel I can as I know how low & alone I felt .I So want to give something back.  I always think if I won the lottery I would help so many people & it would be great as I would volunteer all the time & give my time freely as my time would not need to have a monetary value on it with regards to bills & stuff. I think Mr No Spend is a sweetie but he does despair of me ! as in his eyes he thinks just bread & butter earnings should be coming in. I bring in with the ironing jobs.  But want something more forfilling eventually.
Gosh I have gone on. Dont see me for months then I dont shut up!!! xxxxxx

Monday, 11 March 2013

Muesli & Affirmations!

I hope all mums had a lovely mothers day.  DD gave me 3 x bags of posh muesli . I did request for DD not to worry .  DD rang me from M&S & said she was stuck at picking me something.  So I said muesli!. I was very spoilt 3 bags full!.  Posher than the usual muesli I would buy.  But I do love it. DS got me lots of chocolate !. We quaffed that at the cinema.  Film was very sweet. In the evening we had steak & chips & grilled tomatoes.

Something I struggle with is low mood , anxiety & low motivation. I have suffered with it on & off for quite a few years.   So for quite a while I have just let certain things go.
I did not want to stop blogging but I just did not have it in me. I felt quite blank.   I am taking positive baby steps to try & pick myself up.  I sometimes wonder what makes some people different , we are all different. Some people can just get on with things & cope with life.  With DD I am trying to move forward even though situation is not the most normal.  Lots of ruminating comes into it, & lots of questions like could I have dealt with the ups & downs better.  But there are always going to be ifs, buts & whys.  I know we are a good family & that was not enough. But now we/I have to dust ourselves off & make the best of the situation the way it is.  I have to stop beating myself up . I am not a perfectionist but sometimes its hard getting your headround things.
In a bid to start being more positive ( like a little therapy for myself!). I have been reading about affirmations.  I made myself  some positive affirmation cards. The idea is that you say them aloud to yourself say ie each morning.  You have to say it with passion & conviction!(like you beleive what you are saying, you can say it to yourself in the mirror if you like). I picked some things like
  • I allow myself to feel happiness & joy for no reason at all. Simply because I deserve it
  • Every day I eat healthier & healthier
  • I always take time to exercise
  • I ask for help. I tell life what I want & then allow it to happen
  • I love to focus on the good things in my life & I love that doing this brings me more blessings
If you are finding it hard to believe what you are saying ,then it will help if you can visualize what you are saying.  A lot of websites say it is good to keep them up all the time, a way of life. Some say 30 days at least as thats how long it takes to form a habbit.  Morning is a good time to say them. I made my ones with little pictures on the cards.  I am doing it as I have become negative & flat.  I am doing it as I want it to be a positive start. As a way to start noticing the smaller things that may go unoticed so it becomes easier like snowdrops popping up.  I think I need to give up watching & reading the news for a while as there seems to be so much sadness/disaster. I like to know what is going on but need to work on my mind.
Do you doing anything like this?,or do you have any good ideas /tips?.  I thought I would give it a go .  Think I am being a bit cosmic this Monday! Would love to here your ideas & a warm thank you for your comments

Saturday, 9 March 2013

Cinema again!

Today we are going to the cinema again!. I managed to get 4 free tickets from mse. We are going to see "The Odd Life Of Timothy Green".  Jennifer Garner is in the film.  I am taking some chocolate & fruit bags with me!.  Fruit bags for me I have over dosed on chocolate this weekend!. I cannot face anymore.  We are all going to the cinema this morning.  We  have arranged to meet DD.  I do like going to the cinema  Its a form of escapism for a few hours! . It was a bonus not having to pay for tickets. It would cost a small fortune for a family to go to the cinema nowadays.  At least if kids are little you can choose saturday morning kids clubs, or orange wednesdays or if older senior rates. I know at the senior one this week it is "Great Expectations" .
This weekend I have been listing some things on ebay as it is free listing weekend.  Since I have been absent from blogland & the world!, I have neglected lots of things.
I have got into eating much more healthily and eating more wholefoods not that it has resulted in weight loss!( do have chocolate blips!).  I now swim at least once or twice a week. This makes my body feel supple & has helped my back a great deal & do not seem to get that frequent backache I used to get all the time.

Will be back later let you know if film was good

Thursday, 7 March 2013

Where do I start....

 I did not plan to take such a long blog break.  I think I found it hard to write about anything .I just could not see anything positive & rather than just being negative I removed myself  & wallowed  in a lot of negativity & self pity.  Found myself really quite depressed & with a lack of any sort of motivation.  I think its safe to say I have generalized anxiety disorder.  Anxiety that I cannot switch of, its with me quite often & I haven't succeeded in kicking its butt yet!. That mixed in with the blues.  There is a little flicker within within me that is trying to fix things & do the best I can.  I tend to go into a shell & hide away.  I say no to doing things or make excuses as to why I cannot.  I find it easier to hide so people do not see the real me. The one who is up & down. The one who gets emotional easily.  The one who beats herself up mentally and ruminates. Turning the same old stuff over in my mind. The one who feels like a failure. Who views herself as a failure   But I have got to a place now where I know I cannot go on with that continual thinking pattern it is time to
Try & kick some butt!!
To stop the internal negative self talk & to try & start loving myself  ...     
Does that make sense?! 
On a happy note !. I went to the cinema today with my mum & sister to see " Silver Linings Playbook".  We accompanied mum to the senior screen to see this film. It was very sweet & we all loved Bradley Cooper  x (see if you get chance).


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