Tuesday, 31 July 2012


One of the areas in my life that I really need to get better at is organization.  Aspects of my dis-organization pop up everyday!. I strive to get better at this area.  Things I want to implement in to my routine this week!
  • How many times do I list this one & it goes out the window!.  Keep my spending diary from this point on.
  • Keep a to do list notebook!
  • Menu plan will start this the next time we foodshop. Since we have been eating uber healthy our food budget has been over £100.00 a week & more. We want to at least half this.   
  • Start using up top drawer smellies!
  • List a few items on ebay (done)

Friday, 27 July 2012

Life is a rollercoaster!

I Cannot believe how much time has lapsed since my last blogpost. Life has gone up & down. DD is not home.  I think she will be staying put for the time being.  
I have been doing ironing from home & things have really picked up which is good. So much so that I am doing everything properly and I am going to grow it as a little business & do everything correctly!. 
We have managed to grow the emergency fund to £1720.00!.  The car that we bought needs a new head gasket!. Luckily the garage will cover the majority of the cost as we have had it less than 2 months but we still need to pay at least £300.00.
I did acheive some weight loss I lost 7lbs. This was done with smaller portions & cutting out the cakes, biscuits & stodge   
Still I will add more to this post soon !. But hello everyone if anyone is left!


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