Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Daily Positive Affirmations

Well as you know I do struggle on a daily basis in my life at the moment with things happening.  Things can feel like quite an effort & it does feel like I have lost my mojo. I am starting work at 2 o clock & in my head I am thinking" oh I do not finish till 9 o clock ".  I guess if you are in a good place in your mind/head you may still have that thought. In my mind at the moment. I have been thinking shall I call in sick?. I do not want to. Its hard sometimes as things that go on in my life sometimes do feel like quite a chore.
  Anyway I found an interesting article on the net. It is about positive affirmations & changing your learned thinking pattern.  It really is quite interesting. It is true its like my mind is stuck on negative. Looking at the negative view. I totally see I need to change my thought process.  I am going to go to work & do the best job I can do. I will practice some positive thinking & affirmations. I always seem to feel tired, but then if I am thinking about feeling tired I will feel tired(does that make sense?).
I guess its a bit of food for thought!.  How do you deal with problems in your life?. Do you have a certain way?of getting through them
ps take a peek at the article
My positive affirmation today is how lucky I am to have some lovely bloggy friends. With a daughter in care it does not do good for my self esteem.As it does make me feel like a crap mum who cannot control her child.  But that is me being negative, On a positive note I asked for help, as I was worried about where she was heading .
I guess with every negative you can replace something with a positive thought/scenario
Hope that post wasnt to heavy! x



  1. My dear you are a great mom, we just have testing teenagers thats all.

    I try to always look at the positive. Life is too short to be down in the dumps all the time as you then miss out on all the great people/things around you. For every rubbish thing that happens I always think of three great things/memories that make me smile and remember I am loved.
    A smile is infectious and in turn make those around you smile too. Much better than a room full of grumps!

    So heres a hug to say stay positive and focus on the precious people you have around you.

    X x

  2. You have a wonderful loving hubby and a great son!

    You have an emergency fund with £100 in it already!

    Your sealed pot looks great! (I'm listed our sealed pot goals by the way so do let me know what it's for, even if you haven't decided yet).

    I love your frugal, financial and health/well being goals.

    You have a blog followed by others who you inspire.

    You are great!

    Life is rarely perfect, but we musn't ignore what is wonderful in chasing perfection.

    Sft x

  3. I need time by myself when things are troubling me and sometimes thats really hard to get! But I just need to be alone and think, going for a walk helps me a lot.
    Years ago someone told me " all you can do is start where you are to do the best you can with what you've got" so I try and remember that too when I'm having a hard day and start wishing I had made different decisions.

  4. I think you are amazing..everyone deals differently for me personally i learned when things were there worst foe me my Faith got me through,now thats not for everyone I know but when you have some Faith in whatever you believe in(for me it is God) you can ask for his help to get you through.give all your worries up to him,they do not go away but you feel less alone..and more hopeful..another thing is my daughter taught me "don't catch the ball" it simply means that when worries come flying your way don't let them sink into you just give them up..i don't think I am making sense sorry..I just really want you to know you are not alone and although we cannot take your pain away we can let you know that you are not doing it alone..I have found affirmations and gratitudes that you make each day are so good for you ,they atart you off well for the day,you can have a little journal and write something in each day that is good,even if it is a smile from a stranger ,thats a blessing...you are on the right track as you have been looking for positive things and thats wonderful.Many blessings from our home to yours.

  5. I'm one of those people who likes to be on my own and shut myself away to sort things out. Maybe not the best way to be as I tend to dwell on things too long then and can make myself worse.

    I think you have a good awareness about yourself. You know when you need some help and search out self help articals that help you. This is a real positive step. Your doing really well all by yourself.

  6. If I feel down I write in my journal - it really helps me. I also write a lot of lists. Lists of things that make me happy.

  7. Thank you for sharing this post. I agree that having daily positive affirmations can be of help in many ways.

    Mary of healing prayers



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