Monday, 28 May 2012

Well Nearly June!

I cannot beleive we are at the half way through the year mark already. Its a good time to review goals.
Our savings fund has gone down to £300.  Mr No Spend & I made a decision  to change our car.
We have a little Renault Clio which we have had since the children were very young about 11 years. Only one of the seats would work when you needed to pull it forward to let someone sit in the back. It needed brake pads doing & 4 new tyres.  Mr No Spend was offered £1250. for the Clio so we had to come up with £600.00 as the car we bought was £1850.  It is still a 2 door & it is a VW & most importantly it has more room in the back.  It is just a runaround & a car. I am glad Mr No Spend is good about cars as I do know some people whos cars would pay of our mortgage!  We had to pay extra to insure it for the year an extra £50.00 & the tax is a little extra. It was nice to be able to use the cash for the difference a bit like when we used cash for the bed.  Mr No Spend did want a different car & had been saying for the past year when I get a different car I might need to get a loan(I am secretly glad no loan!).

Junes Goals
  • Emergency fund is at £300.00 again. My goal is going to be to make it to £500. by the end of June
  • All Ironing money to go in to emergency fund
  • Ebay earnings to be left in paypal to build up for a bit.
  • My weight is at 11st & 9.5 lbs. I have stayed the same & to be honest I have not been trying so I will make it my goal to get to 11st 3lb. This means 7lbs in a month. I am hoping this salad eating weather I can use to my advantage!  
  • To be more organized!. I always strive to do this & struggle
  • As June is a new month & a half year marker to keep better track of finances
Hope you are all ok . I feel like the snail in blogland as I am slow getting round! x x

Sunday, 20 May 2012

Car boot bargains & rather long post!

One of my favourite past times on a sunday is going to a carboot sale. I bought this top which was from Monsoon with a label still on which says £25.00 for a fantastic £2.00. I love the shade & my size 14
This top was from Next with a tag still on stating £25.00 bought for a fantastic £2.00 It really is very pretty with a lacy front
This cardigan is a M&S one with merino wool. Label on says £25.00 bought for £2.00 . I love the buttons on the sleeves
I also bought a most gorgeous dress which happened to be a Boden one! for £3,00 it a beautifull shade of lilac/purple. I have never bought anything new from Boden. This morning I managed to get a pair of Brand new never worn Cath Kidston shorts for bedtime for 50p!!.  I am always really pleased that i can get all my clothing at car boot sales.  I did buy a skirt the other week brand new from town which i fell in love with it was pleated with  bluebirds on.  If you have not been to a car boot sale I say go for it.  I love finding things from shops that I could not justify the prices of !but at a
Car boot sale you can

This tea bag selection I have bought for a friends birthday. I Paid £2.00 for them brand new & unopened. I know my friend will love them as she is in to her different teas. 

I met another friend for coffee this week we had not seen each other for a while.  At home I had a little french tin with lavender on which inside I store dried lavender. I have had it for a while & my friend is very creative & likes crafting.  I like to give little gifts usually things that I already have. I tied lace around the tin & attached a luggage tag gift tag. I did decorate the tag to.  I wrote the meaning of her name on the tag . My friend loved it & was so pleased.

Then another friend called me & invited me out her treat for her birthday. She is french & took me to a little patiserie( probably spelt wrong!). I picked a pastry tarte with pecans & yummy things on top& a pot of tea. My friend had pan au chocolat & hot chocolate.  I gave her a big box of choclates tied with a lace bow again!.  Hubby was given these chocolates at work & he is not really a chocolate person so I thought lets re- gift them.  My friend was delighted with her chocolates. I was delighted as I would have scoffed the lot otherwise!

Finance wise emergency fund is up to £900.00. I have been keeping a spending diary I have missed an odd day here & there filling it in
Ebay - I did not do any ebay the week before last but today
  • sold a bag for £14.99 (profit of £6.99)
  • Top £3.99                   (profit of £2.99)
  • Top £7.50                   (profit of £5.50)
  • I bought a mirror the other week second hand which was not right for where i bought it for it cost me £20.00. I just wanted to get my money back on this which I did it went for £29.99 local pick up
This week has been a quiet week only one ironing job as well as my regular cleaning job.Maybe a new ironing client to. I will do some more listing on ebay this evening.
The anxiety workshop was last week & I really enjoyed it .Lots of others with anxiety out there.
On the home front DD staying half a week & being quite pleasant if I do say so myself!.
Mother in Law staying with us next week. !!!. I will be on regular kettle duty
Bye for now xxxxxxxxxxx

Monday, 7 May 2012

More rain!

Been a funny old week last week. I think this weather grey & rainy is making me disorganized. I set out with good intentions to keep that spending diary to write things in it, did I?. I did not write anything inside it! & I did spend out on different things.
This week we have popped some spare money in to the emergency fund & some of the money I earnt from ironing as well.As well as £50.00 from the paypal money which comes from ebay sales. Emergency fund is sitting at £800.00. Dh brakes will need to be sorted out on the car & we want to purchase the car insurance up front for the year as it works out dearer when paying it by direct debit. So the fund will go down & up!. But hopefully we will get it up to £1000 at some point.
Ebay Sales
  • Sold a vintage camera for £9.99
  • 2 cast iron aga pots £50.00
  • Blouse £2.99
  • Jumper £9.99
I joined Sft side income challenge & have acheived earning £50.00 which went into the emergency fund.
I will see if I can sell some more on ebay this week. I was lucky that the pots I had were worth a few pounds!
Healthy eating?!. Need to try a lot lot harder. As otherwise I will not get in to those skirts I have wanted to get in to for a long long time.
Today I am meeting up with a few friends at one of there houses. It is one of there birthdays. There will be cake! I will post my ebay parcels on the way.  Looks like I will need rainmac & umbrella .
Yesterday hubby & I made 130 sandwiches!. These were made as he has a fundraising event for work. Each year we do this together. It makes you crazy by the end! 
My goals for this week
  • Write in my new spending diary & keep it up
  • Be more aware of portion size & think about what you are about to eat!. Make sure it is not un healthy
  • Cut down internet time
  • Make DS dentist appointment
  • Make Ds asthma review appointment 
  • Using a coloured pen update the home calender with appointments & dates!(been meaning to do that for ages!
  • Start using my filofax that I have neglected
  • Pop some thing on ebay on a 5 day listing to finish on sunday
  • Go to the library
 I finished reading "The Help" at long last. It was really good cannot wait to see the film at some point.  My mum & sister have read this to.  It is my lovely mums birthday soon & I will get her this dvd & then that way we will watch it all together!  Here a few of my favourite bits from the book ! found on you tube

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

The suns out !!!

Yesterday I gave my kitchen dresser a once over with some paint.  Most of the colours I use around the home are white,grey,pale blue & linen/ hessian colours. Very calming & easy on the eye.  I like it because it is not fussy or cluttered. I do appreciate some people like a lot more in there house! & I have not always been so minamalist myself so I can totally relate!, to the over extreme.  It was that which led me to declutter.That familiar feeling of searching for a certain peice of paperwork or those wretched keys! .  So I started clearing the clutter & stuff. Did car boot sales, ebay & donated to charity shops. I do spend a lot less time tidying things then what I used to which is good. Also all the stuff with DD going on made me crave a simple home!

Healthy eating went well yesterday. I even resisted the temptation of some muffins that Mr No spend had been given. I dont think I should call him Mr No Spend really. As he is not as frugal as me, well he is & he isnt. Mind you I always have room for improvement in lots of ways

Emergency fund. The emergency fund is boosted upto £540.00 now which I am really pleased about.  This got boosted up as I rent my garage out for £80.00 a month(a bonus of having no clutter!)

Will be back later ....   


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