Saturday, 17 December 2011

Not Spending Earning Today!

I received a call this morning asking me to go into work this afternoon for a shift 2 - 9 o clock. I paused as I realized it was work calling!.  My boss then said she would pay me time & a half.  My hourly rate usually is £6.50 ($10)so it is not brilliant. Time & half makes it more attractive at £9.75($15.16) an hour. My work would have had to have got agency in which would have cost even more. The lazy part of me wanted to stay at home! I thought well its not as if I could not do with the money.  Next week I am doing tuesday & wednesday that will be the flat rate of £6.50. At the moment I think lots of people are feeling run down & taking time of.   I also look on it as it is getting me doing more.  Even though I have days where I find it hard.
I am glad I am not spending.  Instead trying to accumulate !.  I am throwing 20 pences in the sft pot! & joining Carlas No spend January.  I will get that emergency fund up & running.  In  my side bar I added the first £100.00 to start the ball rolling.
I enjoy reading all your blogs.   I love seeing all your goals & ideas.
Anyway will be back soon x x     


  1. Good on you! A little extra for the bank balance.

    X x

  2. I would have went in too! lol! Overtime pay is very enticing isn't it?! ;)

  3. I#d have gone in too! The extra money's always useful - especially at this time of the year :)

  4. time and a half is hard to resist!

  5. You be safe and look after yourself, a little blessing of extra money is wonderful,but for me it is taking your mind away from worries for a little while(even if it is work lol) I am glad a few extra pounds for you will help a lot.xx



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