Wednesday, 31 August 2011


Spending for Tuesday
Socks for son £4.00
Socks for son £3.50
Wicker heart £6.00
All you need is love tile £5.00
m&s drink 75p
post office 92p
Anonymous outlay(including postage ummed and arred!) £48.94

Spending for wednesday
Work related £14.85(will get back)
post office 2 x parcels £3.00
Headband £1.25
Charity shop top £1.99
Greggs the bakers £2.07(daughter wanted a chicken bake & I had a ribena)
Bus fare £2.00
Garden broom £2.99

I also made another outlay on tuesday. It is something that I hope will come in handy. I will do another post about wether it does??!! at a later date. Not saying anything yet!!  

Monday, 29 August 2011

Monday musings!

I hope I will be more organised now on this blog. I have settled in to my new blog home!.  I am going to start tracking my total spend for the week using my spending diary tab(located above!). I did not manage to track my spends last week. I must admit I will find more time when the Miss no spend & master no spend go back to school!.  Master no spend has a birthday (his birthday)early september.  I find it easier to be on track of spending when they are back at school to.

Spent today £1.40 milk

Ebay money earnt(extra income)
Sold swim shorts £1.99
Vest top £2.99
T-shirt £8.50

I have also put septembers money in to its departments!
£100.00 into long term savings
£25.00 into emergency fund
£25.00 into holiday fund

New totals
£200.00 Long term savings
£50.00 Emergency Fund
£50.00 Holiday fund

I am not overdrawn in my current account which is good & have money to pay the direct debits. Where as usually I would be using my overdraft for direct debits chasing my tail each month.  So the first time in a long long term I have money for them & a little buffer in the current account to.

I have also put. 12 things on ebay fingers crossed 

Saturday, 27 August 2011


Well today I had no excuse I had to go into town, could not be avoided.  I had to exchange my sons school shoes for a different size the next ones up. Kindly my mum pays for the school shoes & uniform bless her.  I  needed to get some cards for birthdays & an anniversary coming up my elderly neighbours.  I bought 5 cards for £1.00 in the card factory & an anniversary one for 29p!. The other cards are from a while ago & were 7 cards for £1.00 (2nd picture). I have a filing cabinet at home an Ikea metal one and it has a drawer which contains birthday cards & wrap. I always try and recycle used wrapping paper,tissue paper etc & love using brown parcel paper to wrap presents . I like to have a stash of birthday cards. Especially when they work out individually very cheaply & are very good quality cards.  After reading "Please May I " blog & being very impressed with her christmas present stash. I decided while I was out to buy one little christmas present.  It is for a lady Mr No spend works with she keeps him well at work feeding him the lovely cakes she brings in!.  I was in BHS & there is a jewelery sale on.  I bought her a little emerald green bracelet for £2.00 reduced from £8.50 & a lovely emerald green rose ring £1.00 from £5.00. They are very pretty.  I will find a little box & make them all fancy inside with tissue paper.  Bhs has a great jewellery sale on at the moment. I guess they are making way for christmas bits & peices.  So that is the first christmas present I have bought. There are a few sales on at the moment & most of it is to make way for christmas. I would sooner do my christmas shopping now.  I buy for my two children, my mum,dad & sister. Mr No Spend likes to give the 2 ladies at work a  little token gesture. I like to give my elderly neighbours a little token gesture to. I always pop in and see them and have a cuppa & a cake.  The elderly gentleman always brings me green beans he is   great at growing veg. The other day there toaster broke & I had a spare one in the garage all boxed up which I took over to them for them to keep. They were very pleased & said  please let me give you something for it. I said no & do not go and buy another one as this one is yours to keep". I thought they might have thought that I was only loaning it to them otherwise.  One more thing decluttered! 
While I was up town I got my son a birthday present. He is in to skateboards & scooters. He hangs round with other boys who are in to this as well. Anyway he really wanted one of these t shirts that are in the in thing & his friends have .  It is a t shirt from a shop called Hollister it was £20.00.  I think it is a lot for a t shirt & the fact that it is branded.  But I thought rather than me buy him one that he does not deem cool! I would buy him the Hollister one at £20.00 which I did it is a very nice t shirt, retro style . Sometimes being a frugal no spend sorta woman I look at things and think oooh thats a lot of money etc.  But when I sum it up he will pratically wear it to death, till it falls apart probably!.  Which is then money well spent. Where as I could buy something that he does not like and he will not wear it at all?! ,which is then not money well spent.  Then because he likes something a lot he will look after it better ( because he knows he wont get another one in a bloomin  hurry of his frugal ma!) . It will be placed on a hanger or popped neatly over the end of the bed!by him too. Also things are different now. When I was at school I was not very fashion orientated & no one else was either times were different. Master No Spend just wants to be like his friends & they all want to be like each other & hang out and scooter & skate. When Master No Spend gets to an age when he can have a saturday job he can start buying his own odd things. I do have a limit to what I would be happy to spend on certain items. Like he wanted Topman monkey jeans!£28.00 something or other. I took him to Primark and  £10.00 same style!
I do understand he wants a certain look as that is what his friends & fellow generation are into. But equally I give him my advice and say fine you have that t shirt but how about we team it with a more frugal bottoms!. Also at his age nearly 12 and probably till he gets into his later teens he probably wont be frugal I wasnt. Its like a life journey. You pass through different areas to get somewhere. When I first moved in with Mr no spend we were busy accumulating stuff that we thought we should have. Now I give it away! When you are younger you think I need this or I need that. I guess its a bit like peeling back the layers to get to the core & children will do that when they go through to adulthood later on . Its there journey too. Hope anyone gets what I mean xx           !
Todays Spending
  • Card factory 6 cards £1.29
  • Bracelet & ring Bhs (christamas present) £3.00
  • Birthday present son £20.00
  • Mc Chicken sandwich & diet coke £1.98
  • Parcel £1.78
  • 4 boxes of grass seed from poundshop £4.00 
  • Bus fare £2.00

    Thursday, 25 August 2011

    One mans junk is another mans treasure!(womans really!)

    On thursdays I do a little 2 hour local cleaning job. I just manage to get it done in 2 hours as well!. Its like doing a workout. It is for a couple of girls they are a bit messy! & untidy.  Anyway went to empty the rubbish out in the bathroom bin & thrown away were this lot. Most of them were 3 quarters or half full , apart from one that was about a quarter full. I guess they did not suit there hair type!.  I am not blonde more of a golden/dark brown. I am sure my hair will not mind!. As they were in the bin I thought I would dispose of them at my house!Waste not want not. I guess I have been a bit of a freegan today!
    What have you done in the name of money saving thats been cheeky!?
    101 challenge was talking about not buying more things till all her stash are used up. I will be doing the same as have far far to much. Especially as I went to those bodyshop charity days & ended up with more stuff. I think I will do an inventory at some point!

    Spent today £1.40 on milk

    Wednesday, 24 August 2011

    Thank You

    Carboot £3.00
    I just wanted to say thank you for coming on over. I am not quite sure what I did wrong!. So on this blog I will not be messing about with templates etc!.  I ended up going to the car boot sale on sunday (hangs head in shame!). I purchased an "   Easiyo yogurt maker ". For the princely sum of £3.00. I walked past it a few times!.
     It came with the silvery looking flask, the inner canister(the one in my hands I am shaking), a couple of recipe & idea books too.  I had to purchase the easiyo sachet powder mixes they come in all different flavours. I picked banana,cherry & apricot. They usually cost £2.99 a bag and make 1 kg of yogurt ( so basically about 8 shop size yogurts for £2.99) I usually buy Activia on special offer 8 for £2.99 so its not saving me any money cost wise. The best difference is that it has billions of live good bacteria. I purchased them in a shop called Julian Graves on special offer £1.99 each.  The whole procedure is fool proof(it does need to be for me!).  You fill your canister up with water not all the way to the top to start with. Tip your sachet in, the whole sachet and give it a really really good shake.  When you have finished shaking top the water up to the maximum mark. Give it one more shake .  Your kettle will have just finished boiling !. Pour the boiling water into the  big silver looking flask up to the line which is just above this thing contained inside called a battle(i think). Then pop the canister in and push it down the boiling water will be round the outside of the canister. Pop the lid on. I did mine at 8 o clock in the evening & you leave it out. It does its magic & when I woke up at 6 o clock in the morning. I checked it and it was all nice and set. I then took the inside canister out and placed that in the fridge to firm up even further. You leave it out overnight as this helps it all activate. I had the most lovely tasting creamy yogurt & I spinkled it with crushed almonds.  Now as I think this could be made cheap I went on the MSE website & there is a recipe for yogurt where they use milk, dried milk & a small active yogurt as a starter. I think the MSE way it worked out much more cheaply.  Next time when I have used my sachets , I will try the cheaper method!.  I gave my son some as he has just finished a course of  antibiotics. I will experiment with it. !

    Shake it!

    Also thank you to 101 challenge . I won the prize draw!. A lovely little surprise Thank you to Mrs Piggy Bank for putting out an sos for me!. Also thank you to Laura from No more spending . I got my smear test result the other day it showed a borderline result. I have to wait till February to have another one. In the leaflet it says it may go back to normal by itself. I hope so. If not I guess at least I am on to it.  I guess if it was really serious I would be in right away. So  to anyone who has not been please go for one and get on top of things. Chances are it will be fine. If not you are on to it. xx

    Lived up to my blog name for today & had a "No Spend day!"

    Sold an item on ebay for £50.00 it was a computer monitor as we just use a laptop now.

    Tuesday, 23 August 2011

    Testing testing!

    Hi its me aka Mrs Everyday!. I do not know what went wrong with the other blog as I was not getting any visitors!. I know a few bloggers were having problems leaving comments.
    One tiny favour can you leave a comment on this post so I know it is working.
    Many thanks to Miss Piggy Bank for answering my sos!
    Will be back later with a post all being well with this one x


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