Tuesday, 27 December 2011

One thing a a time...

I hope you are like me & gearing up for a new year!.  I cannot wait to see a new year in.  For me a new year will represent moving forward.  I know I will technically be taking through some of the same things/problems.  I just hope I can start to deal with them differently. I think sometimes that gaining back some control in my life will do me good.
On a personal level I feel like I have let myself go with regard to exercise & weight. Weight wise I need to lose 16 - 20 lbs. As well as low mood issues its all interlinked.
It would be lovely to get some sparkle back & start looking after myself again.  I feel like I have turned in to a couch potato( I have to admit it!). I need to get out more. At home I can hide from the world & hide the way I feel from the outside world.
Part of taking back control for me is getting things in order. That means me!(moving my butt), the financial side of things (building that emergency fund) .  Dealing with emotions.  I have been on an anti depresant for just over 3 years.  At the time in the early days I did need to. I had tried the st johns wort, fish oils ect. The past 3 years I have needed a crutch & thats what it has been. I would like to come of the anti depresant one day.  It doesnt numb my emotions, but I want to know what the real me feels like again.  I cannot consider it right now as it would be one more thing to think about/worry about at the moment.   I do believe it has got me through some tough times over the last 3 years with regard to DD.  One thing at a time I guess. x x

Please check out this blog I have started purely for my health kick http://2012healthandexercise.blogspot.com/
I want my legs to look less like this(ok not quite)Michelin was my nickname when I was a baby
More like this.  Mine are more the colour of Michelin bright white!


  1. Hi, I have nominated you for a Liebster XX

  2. Great goal! I find that losing weight was the BEST thing I did for myself! Good luck!

  3. Well we can motivate each other, lord knows I will need it! Just think we could be looking lush just in time for the summer.

    X x

  4. Well done on getting motivated and taking control of your weight. I would join you, and will at some point. I really need to loose some weight but I am lacking motivation and I don't think anyone can loose weight if they are not in the right frame of mind. Will be joining you when I get my head in gear x



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