Friday, 30 September 2011

Thanks Laura!

Buildings Insurance
Tv License
Life Insurance
Car Insurance
Virgin mobile
Daughters Pocket Money
Total Outgoings

Thursday, 29 September 2011

Budget Planner help wanted

Hi can anyone help!!!. I want to use a budget planner where I list incomings & outgoings. Savings etc,money spent on shopping.  I want one which is like a printed table where I can change the financial figures monthly if I need to. Can someone help me!. I want one in a table forn. How do you put one together ?. I am very basic with my computer knowledge. Help !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, 28 September 2011

I did it!

I had been thinking about it lots lately.  My little job is only 8 hours a week. But today I wrote my resignation!.  I am going to go & do some voluntary work soon. I am doing it in an area where I would like to work.  The job I have been doing the past year has given me a good base in which I have gained experience towards the end goal.
So I am going to do what I want for a few weeks, not spend money!. Use my free swim caps & enjoy it!.  Now do not get me wrong I am not married to a sugar daddy !. Hubby earns maybe £19,000. per annum. But we are mainly frugal so it is not to much of a worry. As we are used to surviving on the minimum.
I am going to use the time to look at where I am heading!, career wise.  Next week is my last week. It is a nice feeling ! x

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Slight change to diet

The healthy eating had been going great. Yesterday though I felt a bit peculiar at work. A bit weak in the legs & quite hot. It made me feel a little anxious to be honest.  The only thing that came to mind was the fact  I had drastically cut out sugar from my diet.  Apart from the odd sugar in my tea.  So I had 2 baking boys cupcakes & a peice of chocolate and I must admit I felt better not so shaky.  From having quite a bit of sugar in my diet to none maybe it was too much! for my body to cope with.  So I will have the odd little sweet treat. I am keeping my vegetable eating up though & healthy eating but the odd treat in moderation.

Sunday, 25 September 2011


Nutty muesli
2 x slices of wholemeal toast & potato & leek soup
2 x jacobs cream crackers
Sheperds pie,Cabbage,carrots, green beans & peas 

I am enjoying my healthy food. Sweets were even around me being eaten and it did not occur to me to even have one!.  I did not want any. I guess as I am being healthy I see it as spoiling it!.

Saturday, 24 September 2011

Day 8

Fruit & nut bran flakes
Early Lunch
Wholemeal seeded batch loaf sandwich with tuna & mayonaise paste
Activia yoghurt
1 apple
Spaghetti Bolanase (smaller portion)

I am so pleased with myself for doing well.  Its funny though I thought my diet was ok before. I can clearly see it was not, if I am honest with myself!.  Especially now that I am eating so much fruit & vegetables.  I like the thought that I am looking after my body & respecting what I put in to it.  Apart from one day where I felt like eating something sweet (but did not). I do need to exercise more even if it is a good half hours walk. I feel like my tummy is not so wobbly too!. I will carry on as this is not going to be a flash in a pan.  It is going to be all the time & is a healthy lifestyle change for good.      

Friday, 23 September 2011

Day 7

Nutty muesli
Toasted roll with marmite mmm!
2 kiwis sliced into an activia yoghurt
1 apple
2 x slices of white toast with baked beans on top(had no wholemeal bread & fridge + cupboards looking pretty empty!
1 orange
1 activia yoghurt
I have a nice day at home today. I am doing washing,cleaning,hoovering & sorting paper work out. I will walk to the shop later to buy some milk & bread. I love days where I can potter about.
Will be back later to top up this post!
I must say today I dreamed of a flapjack!so I had an apple instead

Spent £1.40 on milk

Thursday, 22 September 2011

Day 6

Bowl of nutty muesli(I am loving this its really good)
1 apple
Homemade by dad! steak pie (only a top crust with lean beef). Roast potatoes x 4 done in a teaspoon of oil,sprouts & carrots delicious....
1 wholemeal tuna & cucumber sandwich
1 kiwi fruit
1 kiwi yoghurt

I have been having an odd sugar in my tea. I am going to cut this out very soon.  I must say I have not missed the biscuits & sweet things.  I actually feel less hungry. It must be because I am eating satisfying wholesome food that keeps you sustained for longer.  I must say that I have felt more tired. But then I have cut the sugar from my diet & all the processed crap. I did notice that I had quite dark circles under my eyes.  Today is the first day that I am not feeling as tired & feeling awake!.  I find by reporting what I am eating on my blog makes me more accountable. I have listed everything I have eaten.  I find it easier to eat knowing that I am eating fruit,veg,& non processed food. Maybe the fish fingers do not fall in to the non processed catagory!.  I have also managed to drop a few pounds in the process.  The cholestral reading is helping me stay on track. Also I want to lose exactly a stone. By dropping the few pounds I have it makes it an exact stone(14 lbs). Hopefully losing that in itself will lower the cholestral by getting rid of the ole jelly belly. I walked home 3 miles from work yesterday. this morning I am going to walk of to my cleaning job and do a good 2 hrs cleaning!(only 3 more cleans left). Then of with Mr No Spend to my mum & dads for dinner as he has a rare in the week day off
Back later x

No spend day
Daughter pocket money £7.00 though

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Day 5

Nutty muesli
kiwi fruit
1 wholemeal nimble sandwich with cheese spread(made in haste!)to take to work
1 activia yoghurt
1 kiwi fruit
1 apple
1 raw carrot
4 dry roasted potatoes

Spending Today
Bottle of water on walk home from work forgot mine 60p
Semi skimmed milk £1.40
lottery ticket £1.00

I have completed day 5 of changing my eating habits.  Woo hoo!!

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Day 4

Weetabix minis
1 banana
1 apple
1 raw carrot
1 peice of oatylicious toast with yummy marmite
1 activia kiwi yoghut with a 1 kiwi fruit sliced on top
1 banana
5 fish fingers(omega 3 variety)mashed potato with some garlic mixed in!,sprouts & carrots

I am still managing to avoid sugar as best I can . I did have a teaspoon in my tea this morning as my head was so muggy. I know fruit has natural occuring sugar and that I am happy to have. I have been for my blood test this morning.The one for  celiac. I have a telephone appointment booked with the doctor for 2 weeks time. Funny how they do things now.
This morning despite eating all this fresh fruit & vegetables I felt quite tired.  The walk to doctors and back over the field made me feel better though. Hopefully sometime soon i will be doing cartwheels!(cannot do them anyway!).  I asked the nurse what my cholestral was.As I forgot to ask doctor last time.It is 5.7 it should be 5 or below.  That is the striking force in my discipline at the moment. I also know that I am the only one accountable to what goes in my mouth!.  Also I want that squidgy belly gone!.  I am not sure how long before you can have a cholestral re test, or how long it takes to be able to turn things round.  That is my goal to get it normal. I do need to get of my bum in the evening to and be more active & in general all round

Monday Spending
Cakes £3.24 (not for me for work!,will get money back)
Tuesday Spending
m&s Christmas present of tin of biscuits £4.50
orange juice £1.00
Daughter £1.00

Monday, 19 September 2011

Day 3

Nutty muesli with semi skimmed milk
small banana
2 x slices of oatylicious toast with a spread of marmite rich in folic acid & b vitemins (I just fancied toast!)
1 nectarine
1 apple
1 activia yogurt
New potatoes,cauliflower,green beans & fish
1 mango

I have also walked home from work today maybe 3 - 4 miles. Feels like a long walk. Saved myself £2.00 by not getting a bus.  I am going to prepare some veggies in a minute for tonights dinner.  I am finding it easier fitting in my 5 a day.
Back later x

Sunday, 18 September 2011

Day two of good healthy eating

Breakfast - Muesli no added sugar
Snack -       Apple
Lunch - Stir fry using strips of carrot,sliced,green beans,onion,brocolli & noodles as well as vegetable stock & a little rapeseed oil (rich in omega 3)
1 activia yoghurt
Dinner -2 egg omlette with ham with a side salad of tomatoes,radishes & cucumber
small bowl of grapes
Sometimes I get fed up with sandwitches so it was nice to have a stir fry at lunch time. My son & hubby had a small bowl to.  I find it easier following a fresh wholesome diet as I know that anything processed I am not allowed.  My goal is to drop half a stone first of all sensibly & keep the lifestyle change with me. I must admit I do feel better when I know I am making an effort to eat well. 

Money Matters
This past month I have paid the Argos card of which sons tv was bought with.Using his birtday money & I had to pay some extra towards it to.  I am going to cut the Argos card up & get hubby to cancel the account.  One less debt!.  I want to get rid of the Argos card as when I do not want to wait to pay for something. It was readily avaliable to use.
I also paid a family memebr back £635.00 yesterday. Using my £200.00 long term savings, £50.00 emergency fund & £50.00 holiday fund. I had some money in my current account too. I am about over £100.00 overdrawn from paying family member back in my current account + I will have direct debits come out within the next week.  I know it has caused me to go overdrawn & lose the long term saving , holiday pot & emergency fund. But it sure does feel good to know that now I have no outstanding debt.
So with a clean slate!, back to the beginning with
  • No emergency fund!
  • No holiday fund
  • No long term savings
  • No Argos card debt
  • No Debt
So first things first
  1. I will get un overdrawn!
  2. Aim to put £100 in long term savings each month
  3. Aim to put £25 in Emergency fund each month
  4. Aim to put £25 in holiday fund each month 
I am glad I wont be going in to 2012 when it arrives owing anybody anything & thats the way its going to stay to.  I have put some things on ebay as its a free listing day in a hope to make a few pennies. Starting tommorow I am going to keep track of every single penny going out.  Its nice to know none of it is owed out. Of course there are direct debits but you have to pay to live.

Saturday, 17 September 2011

Saturdays food

Breakfast - weetabix minis & semi skimmed milk

Lunch - Wholemeal sandwich,with ham,tomato & spinach
              Handfull of mixed nuts almonds, cashews & walnuts

Dinner- Chicken breast,new potatoes & side salad made with sliced raw green beans, raw carrot, cucumber,tomato,radishes,spinach & balsamic vinegar

I am pleased I have not had any sugar in my drinking tea. I have also drank more water.
Later on I will have a kiwi fruit to.
Heres to day one !

Saturday a good a day as any!

I have been brewing up to a health kick. I think with my recent borderline smear result,slightly high cholestral & low ferritin in my blood .
I feel that I do eat ok,but if I am really honest with myself. There is a lot of room for improvement.  Its ok me saying health kick. But in reality its a lifestyle change.
So I am going to kick my sugar habit. Sugar is in my tea, in the cakes,biscuits,muesli bars I eat.  I need to lose a good stone - stone & a half. 
 I figure that otherwise if I do not lose weight now & put it of without trying. I will never do it. I am hoping my skin will improve, mental clarity, pmt, cholestral & fitness.

I will give up sugar.  I know some might think that is extreme & I will fail. I will find it easier to give it up. I cannot eat it without stopping!  Maybe one day I will be able to eat it without binging.
My diet will consist of fruits,vegetables & wholefoods. Foods that are in there natural state.  Not processed.  I will keep a online account of how I feel. Hoping energetic!! 

Monday, 12 September 2011

One of those days

Did not enjoy work today & so glad I am out today!.
I did not tally up last weeks spending . I have gone overdrawn and  I am dissapointed with myself. I had to pay out for some jobs to be done in the house. Shelves built in recesses in two rooms.  Paid the Argos card of which sons television was bought with prior to his birthday. Even though he got monies from nanny & grandad, aunties, other nanny & us. There was still a short fall I had to pay .
My little cleaning job is coming to an end at the end of the month as they are moving to a pub to run one!.
Money just seems to be going out left , right & centre.
My daughter said to me the other day(14 years) "mum do you get bored with life?". Me " what life in general or just my life? "just your life you must get bored you do not do much apart from go to work"
In that moment I felt like a boring nobody.  My daughter looks at me as if I am just sad. But then I got to thinking & over analyzing and thought gee maybe I do not do much.  Maybe I am boring?!.  I do just seem to drift along & not necessarily make any plans. I read peoples blogs like like Lauras from No more Spending who has many dreams & aspirations & a goal  a focus.  Also 101 Challenge has mortgage challenge that she is so close to & lots of travel plans & places she has visited. I love reading these blogs and admire the goals people have.  Yet it always seems like the money gets swallowed up, sucked up in to just living. I would love to pay of my mortgage quicker my mortgage is £70,000. over 31 years on a straight repayment mortgage its about £345.00 monthly.  I guess sometimes its hard to be able to just live and pay the bills & sometimes it does feel that there is not much fun stuff.   I do not work enough hours & I guess I would like to find a balance or work from home.  My teen daughter has been like a full time job for the past 3 years & any zest I once had feels a bit sucked out(teenage girls should come with a warning!, they do not do what it says on the packet!). OOh I hope I am not sounding like mid life crisis!   I think I am feeling premenstral to!.
Still on a postive note I have eaten super well today! I am going to lose a stone by christmas . That is positive!!!.  I bought shoes from Primark £8.00 in red size 6.  They are so comfy to. I opted for colour as I was fed up with black.
I wrapped up the few christmas presents I have bought with recycled tissue paper & wrapped a lace bow round the presents. I have just been given a lot of it. I hope that whoever receives the lace on there present will do the same and tie it in a bow on someone they knows present!.  Or use it for something.
The cabinet above was £12.00 at a car boot sale . It was dark wood & I have painted it. I have wanted one of these for so long. It is in my hallway and is for putting letters in. I have a little service bell near it to! I always see them in old black & white films!

Todays spending
Builder £176.00
Tea bags & bread £3.52

Tuesday 13th September
Mustard colour brogues £8.00
Pair of bed socks for mum £1.50
Bus fare £2.00
Chocolate for my dad £2.00
Superdrug £4.80

Tommorow is my dads birthday. I will be hopping on the bus to go & see my mum & dad.  

Saturday, 10 September 2011

Not Exactly No Spend Days

Wednesday 7th September 
Groceries from asda £23.72 
Friday 9th september
red brogues £8.00
leggings £3.00
picture frame(birthday present) £8.00
pound shop £2.27
Saturday 10th September
oregano tin 89p
cutex mail varnish remover £2.15
christmas biscuit selection £4.99
carton of orange juice & 2 x bananas £1.03
daughter pocket money £7.00
robert dyas spatula 99p 
10 packed lunch drinks £2.00
pack of 10 sponges £1.00 

I had the results from my blood works. I got a letter which said please contact your doctor & make an appointment.  I made my appointment my cholestral was slightly high but not high enough to warrant medication.  Also he said it was rather strange but my iron levels are normal but my ferritin levels are extremely low.  He has ordered some extra blood tests to rule out celiac disease. This is where you may not be able to tolerate wheat & my body may not be absorbing what it needs.Gluten comes in to it somewhere. I have read up on it but without the info in front of me that is my recollection! I eat weetabix, bran flakes etc. I do find I am not always regular despite eating a high fibre diet. Doctor also felt my tummy for fibroids. When I was reading up these popped up in the low ferritin causes. I have not discomfort.  However I do have heavy periods. Still will wait to see definaetely about celiac outcome. Blood test is scheduled for a few weeks time.
I was surprised my cholestral was slightly high. I want to rectify this myself by making changes in my diet. There is always room for improvement in my diet. I am still wanting to lose at least a stone in weight. It just keeps following me about.Always more exercise can be taken to!.

As for my spending. I need to have some no spend days. I am determind to have christmas presents sorted by end of november(I hope).  I always find I spend less when the weather changes too . I am waiting!

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Bit behind!

I tallied up last weeks spending monday - sunday £135.82.
Not the best No spend week. I did make a little initial outlay on an item more at a later date!.

Ebay sales pennies made (I look on it as decluttering as well!)
Make up set £7.50
purse £2.99
leather purse £2.99
rose oil 99p
dress £4.99
T-shirt £2.99
skype phone £3.21

Monday    No spend day
Tuesday    Postage at post office for ebay & swap parcel  £13.82
  • weetabix minis £1.59
  • semi skimmed milk £1.65
  • rice crispie squares £1.00
  • rice crispie squares £1.00
  • cheese 2 for £5.00
  • 6 wholemeal rolls £1.25
  • bananas marked down 44p
  • Total £11.93
    When I went to the post office about half walk I got drenched.  I came out of my local co op with a bag of shopping. I started waiting for a bus as I was drenched. I waited 5 mins and thought well I might as well walk and save my £2.00. Seeing as I was soaked. Whats another good soaking!(did not have umbrella as wind was too strong to keep one up).  Children back to school now, so routine falling into place once more.  It takes a few days.  I need to catch up with everyones blogs.   I am off to work soon & straight after on to my little cleaning job. Usually I do it on a thursday but water company doing something with water supply on thursday this week.           
I can feel that it is colder & even put away a few summer clothes. I am looking out for some flanalette sheets for everyones beds. I found some pretty polka dot ones & striped ones but the are so expensive need to look around. So if any of you frugal ones see or know of any let me know!
x bye for now    

Sunday, 4 September 2011

Will do a post later!

Hi enyone will do a post later & do my blog catching up. Been super busy on & off this week. Juniors back to school today yeah!!. Normality & routine again. Quiet time for me when I get in! Lots of blog catching up

Saturday, 3 September 2011


Milk £1.40
Large White envelopes  £1.30
Large Brown envelopes £1.30
Handwash 2 for £2.00
Refuse sacks £1.30
Cupcakes £1.35
Hair colourant £5.98(Out of daughters pocket money)
Daughter £1.50 (left from her pocket money)
school sports top & sports socks £11.50
Carboot sale items
shoes for me hennes ballet pumps in turquoise 50p!
Mecanno set for son £1.00( this is invaluable to me a few hours peace!)
Hollister t shirt £4.00(for daughter she is wearing it out)
topshop top £1.50
nautical t shirt 50p
nautical dress 50p
blue jumper from river island 50p(for winter)
vest top £1.00
bottle of water 70p(forgot my water again aaarrgghhh)
Last minute meal out with friends
drink £2.29 (refilable!)diet pepsi
rack of ribs, corn on the cob & new potatoes £6.99
bowl of salad
Waffles& ice cream £3.89

Not the best day as far as spending. Had a lovely meal out with 4 friends. It was nice to catch up with each other, talk & laugh. Enjoyed the evening lots. Lucky to have such good friends in my life. We all like car boots & coffee mornings!. They make jam & grow vegetables. I save them jam jars!. Our children will be starting secondary school in september too the same one!
My lovely neighbour brought me round flowers from his garden this evening. Yesterday he & his wife celebrated there wedding anniversary.  I bought them 2 lovely cupcakes with lemon frosting on top and giant daisys and put some little cocktail stick flowers in the cupcake too!.  I fed my other neighbours cat & they very kindly brought me round a bottle of wine(hubby drank it as I dont drink!) & some lovely green beans. So I guess this evening I am thankfull for great friends & neighbours. x  


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