Friday, 2 August 2013

We finally made it.....

Hi just dropping in to say hi & we made It here. We arrived 4 weeks ago . It was a very very stressful lead up to the move.  I said goodbye to my neighbours which was so hard for me. I know it's not like I would never see them again.  They were such good friends.  The day before the move Hubby suggested that I go and stay with my mum for the night. He knew I would be emotional. The joys of being emotional!.  
I am not really being Mrs No Spend as all we seem to be doing is spending on doing up the flat at the moment.   It's official we are mortgage free. It sort of feels like we are on holiday .  The pictures are from the balcony. We get lots of kite surfers going past, speed boats & lots of swimmers.  
I would have posted sooner but had no Internet and then my digital camera broke.  I invested in an ipad as I can use it for pictures.  
Thank you for checking up on me & thank you Mrs Sft for checking in on me xxx
It has been stressful and I seem to be permanently tired at the moment, but I guess I have to accept that I am a bit of a anxious person and I need to work on these things.  
But there is nothing like the smell of sea air and the sound of the waves. You can her the waves none morning and evening more as we do still have a road in front that is quite busy being a coast road.
The flat has just been plastered.     Xxxxx


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