Sunday, 18 December 2011

Learning from mistakes ....

Well work went ok. As you know DD has that dreaded mobile phone contract this month Decembers bill was £52.00 (it is supposed to be £20.00). I have to pay the £21.99 a month for the jump contract to. So in  total this month  DD phone has cost me £74.00 . I was so cross as you know last month  it cost me a lot to.  Anyway I spoke to DD & told her that she was not being responsible with her phone. DD has 1000 minutes a month and still managed to run the bill up. 
I have rang Orange up & asked them to send me a new number & a new sim.  DD will be able to keep the phone but from now on she will have to sort her own calls out in way of buying her own credit. I will not be overspending on it.  I will take her minutes. I have a phone sim that I pay £5.70 a month for with Virgin. I will cancel that sim & direct debit.  It works out that I will pay  more than I wanted to for my mobile £14.30 more to be precise.  But that is nothing compared to the peice of mind of not having to worry each month the size of the mobile bill thats been run up.
The worst bit  This jump contract that I pay for £21.99 is a total waste of money as my daughter has damaged her phone. So technically they would not swap her handset at the six month mark.  So I have rang up the company & to get out of the contract I will need to pay £520.00. I have thought about it. I am just going to pay it all off in one lump sum. I will have to use my overdraft to pay it of.  Luckily I have been working so will clear it as quickly as I can possibly can.  The phone business has caused a lot of stress for me & hubby especialy with DD attitude & un gratefullness. 
On the plus side(trying to be positive). I will not be having a monthly direct debit till september 2013 hanging round my neck.  I will takeover the DD minutes but will cancel my Virgin one. I will learn from this mistake.  I did not want to carry the stress through for 2012.  £512.00 is a lot. I cannot beleive I got presurized by my daughter to get her this phone.  Things are different now I am getting stronger each day & can see that when DD was at home I was weaker & could be bullied by her into doing what she wanted. Its like I would try and pacify her or try not to rock the boat. 
Things with DD at the moment are quite frosty as she is angry about the phone. But hey I am trying to take control & not be controlled.
Thanks for all your lovely comments I feel very lucky to come to my blog and have support from you reading my rantings! & your sweet comments x x     


  1. Ouch! Cell phones can cost SOO much! :/ Hope you're able to get this dealt with quickly & painlessly!!

  2. You should be so proud of yourself,you have done the right thing and cranky with you or not too bad,she should learn from this,I imagine once you made the decision and took the stress level down you must have felt better,you can't afford to bail her out all the time,good on you,I like you always did what you are doing,they have grown up good kids but If I had done what you have done sooner they would be more responsible with money,you are doing her a really good deed by teaching her this way.xxxxxx

  3. OMG you realy have been stiched up with this flipping mobile contract haven't you, I am so sorry that you have had to find so much money to get out of this mess. I bet things between you and DD are frosty at the mo, and so they should be - she really needs to learn doesn't she that it's not all take , take, take. At least you have it under control and will not have the worry of it next year, like you say, you live and learn. We are never to old to make mistakes are we but at least we learn from them. Big hugs. Sue x x x x

  4. Big Hugs and you stay strong. Great to read you are taking control. Feel proud of yourself.

    Sft x

  5. Well done for taking control of the situation. Not read any blogs for over a week and just catching up. Not forgotten about you. Keep strong and keep looking after yourself X

  6. Horrible situation for you, but I am sure if you stick to your guns, DD will learn that she can't always get what she wants. It can be tough, I know.



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