Monday, 5 December 2011

Thanks For My Awards

I received two blog awards from two very lovely bloggers.  My first one came from who has a very lovely blog.  A lovely lady who has been very kind to me & listens to my ramblings!.  So thank you very much for your kind award.
I also received an award from A very inspirational blog who has a great goal in the midst & truely deserves it. So thank you.I feel very touched  that people read my ramblings as I think my life has been a big blur lately. I was worrying that I was scaring people of with my blog ramblings !
I would like to pass this blog award on to

Thank you for reading my ramblings & even if you are not mentioned here I love all your blogs. You know who you all are x x

    When DD came back in September she had been gone a year.  Anyway I was glad she was home it made me feel like a normal mum again!.  Anyway cut a long story short DD gets pocket money of her nan & grandad of £10.00 a week.  The thing is even though DD is  very challenging & not very nice to us at times. I still have instincts to protect her & also I feel sorry for her sometimes for the tangled web she weaves.  Anyway back to the long story cut short.  DD wanted a mobile phone . I got suckered in "What was I thinking of?". I went to phones4u & got completely suckered in. I feel so foolish. My daughter wanted a Blackberry torch.  I will say I have never been suckered into such foolishness before.  Basically I came out with the phone & an orange contract for £20.00 a month consisting of 1000 minutes, 3000 texts blackberry messenger etc.  Thats bad enough but I signed up for a Jump contract & I am paying £21.99 for this. let me explain DD is the sort of girl who likes technology. This Jump contract allows you to change phones every 6 months if you wish.  But hang on SUCKER ALERT  .  I started these contracts in September & found out today when making an enquiry wait for it. That if you have a new phone at the 6 month mark then your Jump contract resets itself to the 24 months again. So you keep going back to the beginning of your contract?!.  I said to them on the phone that I was never told this which I was not. I thought over the 2 year contract DD may change her phone maybe twice & we would run the length of the 24 month contract.  I explained to them I bought the phone on contract  for DD so that it would take her through to age 16 with the option she could change the phone if she wanted to.  I said to them that they may have well as advertised it as a lifetime contract . I feel like a right wally as this contract on these things runs till September 2013 combined it comes to £41.99 a month.   I know it is a lot for a 14 year girl & in hind sight I wish I had never got the phone.  I feel so silly . I pay it each month out of the pocket money her nanny & grandad giver her. I should never have got it for her. DD was keeping on & on .  Also I think the fact that she had been gone a year i wanted to let her have it as a I wanted her to be safe. Its like someone else took the phone contract out . This is proving to be an expensive mistake especially this month as even though she is not living with us at home.  DD has gone £25.00  over.  I am going to start paying half of it & my mum is going to pay the other half. as between you & me my dad (DD grandad is not happy about the cost). I feel like such a fool I really do. I know they say you learn by your mistakes. How many things in my life do I have to learn by.  Sometimes I feel everything i do is a mistake . Is there any part of my life that is hassle free.
feeling like a foolish silly person.


  1. Don't beat yourself up about it. We all make mistakes and we just learn from them. We don't go down that track again.

    I stick with my cheap pay-as-you-go phone because I know where I am with it and I can't get sucked into any deals that may not suit me later. But I know what it's like with teenagers always wanting the latest phones. My girl's are on contracts that Hubby sorted out for them and they have to pay the bill themselves. Amazing how they stick to not going over their limit when they have to pay for it themselves. I know it's more difficult for you because you have to end up footing the bill with your parents.

  2. Oh dear hun, they really took advantage of you didn't they :( I'm like you too so I let Hubby deal with this sort of thing. I can totally understand why you got the phone for her, this Jump thingy sounds a rip off doesn't it. Oh well, you live and learn I guess, at least your Mum is helping towards the cost of it. Thanks for the Bloggy award, it's really sweet of you to think of me. S x x x

  3. It is so so hard with teenagers. I'm always saying "live and learn" and "learn by your mistakes" etc, I'm 43, when will I learn from my mistakes? maybe when I'm 83.

  4. Can you ring the phone company and have a cap put on the phone so that she can't go over her allowed minutes and texts? My daughter went over with her internet usage one month - only £5 but I didn't want it to keep happening. She's with 3, but you should be able to do this with your daughter's provider. Definitely worth a try.



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