Friday, 23 December 2011

No Spend January

Gearing up for a new year is always a good time to have plans & goals.  I guess we all plan to change or achieve things over the course of the year.
Starting in January

  •  I will be joining Carlas No Spend January. What better time to start than in January!. Apart from my direct debits going out. I will plan to spend nothing unless on milk or bread if needed.  This will be a good way to start the year. Especially as my goal is to have £3000 in my emergency fund by the time   December 2012 comes.  
  • I will also be joining Sfts pounds versus £ s challenge( weight loss ) it will be good as we can all motivate each other.  I am already in Sfts sealed pot challenge to!
  • Also another thing I want to do is when I need a gift is to make something homemade using things I have at home. I want to try & be quite experimental here !. Not all gifts as I think my son might have something to say !. 
  • Not sure what to do about ebay in January as I think maybe it will be quite after christmas .Or either saturated ?. I just wondered if there would be more people shopping then going on ebay. If any one has any advice about this one.
  • I will use all my smellies & reuse & recycle where I can.
I feel this year apart from not being quite myself . I have managed to keep christmas spending to a minimum. The christmas food shop was quite basic to.  We have some peanuts & crackers, satsumas etc.  My sister will bring a desert on christmas day.  I have managed to drop 3lbs despite all the temptation around.! . I will try not to add it back! x x
I hope all my lovely bloggy friends have a lovely christmas time & thank you for all your kind words.  x x


  1. OH LOOK AT YOUR SEALED POT! It's just lovely!

    Good to hear there will be two of us up for the Lose Lbs and save £s challenge. I've had a little think about it and put some ideas on today's blog.

    Let me know what you think, when you get the chance!

    Great idea about home made gifts. I have no skill in this area but admire others that do!

    We'll be ebaying in January to raise money towards our camera fund. I know what you mean about money being short though, we picked up our £50 2nd hand but beautiful duck egg blue Laura Ashley sofa on new year. What a bargain!


    Sft x

  2. Count me in with the weight loss too. (thats three of us now!)

    I too shall be having a no spend January as hubby is off to Vegas for my nephews 21st! can't say too much really after we went to New York!

    Have a lovely Christmas hun, you deserve it!

    X x

  3. Happy Christmas sweetie xx



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