Saturday, 24 December 2011

Have a Lovely Christmas

To all the bloggers & readers that follow my ramblings. I wish you all a lovely christmas time. Thanks for all your support & taking the time to comment on my blog.  Its been a funny old year for me with all the goings on.  I know in the early days of my blog. I just kept it all to myself as I felt ashamed. I am so glad I put it out there as its been an outlet & I have felt very supported by you all. Many many thanks & may we all continue blogging! for many years.....
 Keeping up the tradition of being frugal, I cut an old 2011 calendar up & punched out holes and threaded some lace bits through to make gift tags
I also have a gift tag shaped hole punch. It is great when positioning on to christmas cards to punch out tags.  I have lots of little threads to thread through. Bits that i have kept from packaging etc etc. Master No Spend did the christmas tags & liked doing it to.
I sorted my little drawer out of my filing cupboard. It has birthday cards, thank you cards. I have leftover christmas cards. The birthday tags I have made I have popped in a kilner jar so I can easily find them. The christmas tags I have popped in a little bag to keep safe.  I tend to save any sort of packaging if it can be used for present purposes.
Today we stayed in & have not gone to my sisters as Mr No Spend had to go to bed in the afternoon with earache & a cough. He feels a bit brighter now. Think he caught my bug.  We have watched Matilda love that film.  Its all cosy inside. I will not mention first thing this morning when DD was up asda with hubby & let go of the trolley in the carpark and it went in to Mr No Spends backlight of car & smashed it.  Mr No Spend was very annoyed, more with the fact that DD just laughed when it smashed in to it?.  I guess it is not enough that DD has cost me £500 this week with the phone saga. It was more of the attitude of not caring about the car light that made Mr No Spend upset. It will have to be changed as when the MOT is done next year it probably would not get through.
Still  we had to have a small hiccup somewhere!  


  1. I've been AWOL lately but just wanted to wish you all the best for Christmas and New Year xx

  2. A very merry Christmas to you and yours. Keep smiling and thanks for being a friendly voice when I've needed it too.

    Big hugs.

    X x

  3. Hope you don't have too many hiccups over the holidays. I hope you have a lovely Christmas

    Karen x

  4. Hey hun, it's been great getting to know you over the last couple of months. So pleased that your blog has been an outlet for you, boy have you needed it too haven't you. Hope you have had a lovely day with your family. Big hugs. Sue x x

  5. I hope you and Mr No Spend have a lovely, restful break. Merry Christmas! xx

  6. Always remember that you give us just as much support as we give you..thankyou so much xx



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