Monday, 19 December 2011


Well today I sorted out the phone business. I rang Jump & paid £439.80 to end the contract early.  It worked out a bit cheaper than the original amount I got told.  I got told by the Jump people that I could cancel the Orange mobile contract. So I went to Phones4you who then told me "no you cannot you are on a 24 month contract". I then said I have been told its a monthly rolling contract. Anyway phones4u rang jump & the two companies battled it out as I sat there for about 90mins ggrrhh!. Anyway I am stuck in the contract with Orange.
So now I have

  • 1000 minutes a month for £20.00
  • No worry of daughter running huge phone bill up(relief)
  • Daughter keeps her phone but has to sort the calls out herself
  • I have canceled my virgin mobile sim as I have DD sim card & seeing as I am paying for it!
  • 2 less direct debits coming out of my account as virgin & jump canceled  
If anyone finds them self in my situation being pestered by your teen do not do it!.  I cannot believe I did it. The mobile phone shops bamboozle you & before you know it. I am ashamed to say I got suckered in.
DD is staying for 1 night tonight. Then at christmas DD will come on christmas eve, christmas day & boxing day. That will be the most contact we have had.  On christmas eve we are going to my sisters for chinese take out, something we do each year.   
I am working 2 shifts this week tuesday & wednesday 2.00 - 9.00.  May as well make the most of it.  I think after christmas I may not be needed as much. Still ,what will be will be & they know where I am should they need cover.  Its quite handy really as I can work & know what to do now properly. Where as when I first started it I was uncertain of the routine.
Paying of that Jump bill has caused me to go overdrawn & what with direct debits coming out within the next couple of weeks,I will need to catch up with my bank account. I left the emergency fund money where it was as I did not want to use it towards the overdrawn amount in my bank account . I figure that as I do not like being overdrawn it will not be for long.  Especially as I am hardly spending a coin. 
I popped into Sainsburys when I was in town & bought some oranges & cheese.While I was in there I could not believe it they had 4 tins of John West Tuna for £7.69 ??!!. I did a double take. Is that normal or error!. 
Anyway catch up soon x x


  1. That is normal. I never buy tuna unless it is on offer now, or supermarket own brand.

    You are so good having your DD for Christmas. I know she is just a child but she has put you through so much.

    Just make sure you share yourself out to everyone, even if she demands more. Give yourself breaks away from her.You need to stay strong so gain strength from those who are there for you unconditionally.

    I hope I'm not speaking out of turn. I do actually see my younger self a bit in your daughter.

    Big Hugs

    Sft x

  2. BLimey how much? I think I would have had to look twice too! What a rip off.

    Sorry to hear about the phone situation. Joys of teenagers eh! Keep staying strong hun, remember we are all with you.

    X x

  3. The tuna used to be 6.99, so it's gone up. Like sft I only buy it when it's on offer, or if you have a Home Bargains where you live it's usually under £3 for 4 tins in there. I hope you have a peaceful Christmas, and well done for sorting out the phone business.

  4. so glad you got the phone sorted out, and I hope Christmas goes well for you with DD

  5. I've noticed recently how tuna has rocketed. I don't buy as much now, too expensive.

    Glad all the phone business is finally sorted out for you. That will be a big relief. I hope everything goes well over the Christmas holidays when your daughter stays. You know we are all here if you need to let off steam. Take care x



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