Thursday, 1 December 2011

Just a quick blog!

I have worked 2 shifts so far. One to go!. First shift really wore me out. I guess as I have not worked for a little while it was going to be hard!. It is true sometimes the less you do the more tired you feel. Whereas if you do more it wakes you up.  I have been having a hot lunch before I go & taking a sandwich, fruit & yogurt .  As it is very warm at work I have been drinking lots more water. have managed to stick to 3 cups of tea a day to. Very pleased that I have not been near any sweet stuff yay!. I will have a little something occasionally but I will not deprive myself like I did before. As otherwise I will end up eating more!.
I just wanted to say remember to watch the Penny Pinching programme on channel 4 tonight 8 0 clock. Details in link.  I have set my box to tape it. Hope its good. I love hearing about peoples money saving ideas

Take care x x x


  1. Yes I'll remember to watch. Saw this in the TV mag this morning and thought I must watch that. Have a good day at work x

  2. Thanks for the tip off, I will record it if I can't get near the google box beacuse of the kids! So pleased work is going well, and I agree the less you do the more tired you can feel. That's a good idea about saving 20p coins, as it's not really something you'd miss is it, will have a little lookie at her blog. Take care. Sue x x x

  3. Oh dear I forgot, but thanks for the reminder. Will catch up on 4OD.

    Glad work is going well.

    Sft x



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