Thursday, 15 December 2011

Good days & bad days....

At the moment I swing from feeling quite positive to then feeling sad about DD situation.  I do not want to dwell on feeling depressed but I do feel that I am going through a time in my life where it has all got to me. I find myself feeling a bit weepy, negative & feeling tired & cannot be bothered. To feelings that I cannot cope with work. I am trying my best to not get sucked down.
I have found some good information on the net.
I have bought myself some dark chocolate & currently I have 4 small squares a day. It is said to boost serotonin. The funny thing with dark chocolate is that I can just eat 4 squares & thats it.  I could not stand dark chocolate once upon a time!
At the moment I am listening to a Paul Mckenna cd each day. It is called "Control Stress".
I find it deeply relaxing.  Hopefully it works in some way. But I enjoy the immediate effect of Ppaul Mckenna & his velvety voice!

My motto at the moment is "To take one day at a time". We all deal with things differently.  Lots of different things over the last few years with DD have led me here. But I am trying to bounce back a little bit at a time.  Its east to get into a negative cycle of thinking & thoughts.  I hope & will get stronger.

On a positive note! sort of. As I have been lower in my mood I have not spent anything hardly!. Cant wait to the new year & get cracking with some goals.
Bye for now x x


  1. We had a past Prime Minister that has left the country a quote that is heard almost everyday(bless his cotton socks) but he told us "life was not meant to be easy" and I suppose he is right but why does it have to be so hard? we are told that in Gods journey for us all our trials help us grow,but as we go through them we feel we will surely end up the wisest person on the planet!My thought are with you daily, just do a step at a time,even just moment by moment and you will be ok,remember to breath and give your worries up to God,honestly he will take you through..I think of you often.xx

  2. I agree on the dark chocolate, I can only eat a few peices, but it does seem to be quite satisfying.

  3. You know what hun? Things come to challenge us and in true spirt we face them head on and deal as best we can. You are doing well and never loose sight of that>

    Sending hugs.
    x x

  4. I'm glad you've found ways of dealing with your stress... I pray that 2012 is a good year for you! :)

  5. (((hugs))) and hope you have a good Christmas x



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