Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Relaxing ...

I am sitting here watching a bit of television. Pottering about. I start work at 2 & finish at 9 o clock tonight.  Normally I am in bed between 9 & 10 o clock!. I am going to have something hot to eat before I go a baked potato I think.  I will take a big hearty sandwitch & a cup of soup to work & fruit.  I am managing to eat very healthy.  I am drinking an actimal 2 x a day. As well as my multi - vitemin 1 x day.  It makes me feel better to know that I am making healthy food choices.  My son will get in from school & it wont be long before hubby gets in. I think they are looking forward to a few peacefull evenings without me!. Hubby will pick me up later which is nice. I can really feel the chill in the air at the moment & looking out the window it has a chilly white look.  If I am here by myself in the day I do not put the heating on. I pop a wooly cardigan & scarf on. Hubby pops the heating on when he gets in. he walks about in shorts & says I am freezing!?
       I will try & blog but I know I will be tired ! x x      


  1. It must be a man thing as my hubby does the same thing - he walks around in his shorts, and even eats an ice lolly and then sits there with all the throws on him shivering.....! I feel cold all the time as I have an under active thyroid so I'm constantly cold even in the summer :( Good luck for work later, I hope it goes well. You sound a little more upbeat in this post....I like it, I like it a lot!!!! S x x x

  2. Hope work was good I think it is great that you have something else to keep your mind busy...aren't men funny old things..hope you are not too tired...

  3. My Hubby lives in t-shirts. It can be thick with snow and he's moaning it's cold but won't put anything warmer on. Men!



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