Monday, 26 December 2011


I hope everyone is having a lovely christmas time.  My poor sister stayed at her house instead as has a bug & stayed in bed all day.  Mr no spend was full of a cold & coughing. I have been sneezing non stop to.  I did not see my mum & dad on christmas day as we were going to go on boxing day today. I rang mum & said I hope they did not mind if we did not come over. I did not want to pass on any bugs to them.  We did have a lovely dinner yesterday we had lots of extra veggies. Lots of film watching old & new. We will go to my mums in the week & have our together time with my parents.  Of course the main thing that was nice was spending time together.We had to ajust a little bit to DD being here as there are still lots of things to work on. But peace was in our house for christmas time at least! As well as sneeing & coughing! lovely eh....
It goes so fast & before you know it. Its everywhere sales for this sales for that.  I will not be going to the sales! . Will you?.  When you see it on the tv people are in there droves. They way I see it I do not need anything.  I pick up bits & peices when I go to car boot sales & that is more of a bargain.  Master No Spend has christmas money from nanny & grandad & auntie & other nanny.  He is going to put it all together & buy an Ipod.  He loved the scooter we got him & was scooting outside.  Has already read 2 of the diary of a wimpy kid books out of the set.  He has popped his Stig Top gear keyring on his key & thats in his school bag. We also got him a diary which he has already written his school timetable in!.  I love the fact that the 4 things we got him he has used already!.  DD got him a new school bag as his last one had holes in it & was virtually thread bare.
I got DD a bag that she wanted. A nail set , diary & diamond party lashes! .  I think this year is the year I really kept things simple with regards to gift giving & food.
Mr No spend & I will use a tesco voucher exchange for a cafe rouge meal or breakfast in new year.  We do not get each other things at christmas.  There is nothing he wants and same for me. 
I am gearing up for a money saving new year! & as well as a  eating more healthy one!.
x x
Are you prepared for a new year!?
Also please see & join the challenge. No time scale


  1. So glad you had a peaceful Christmas, just sorry you are full of cold.

    No I shall not be visiting the sales either. Not got any pennies to waste.

    X x

  2. I am so happy that Christmas went well for you,wouldn't it be lovely if it is a turning point for your girl,we can just wait and see..I agree about the sales,the only thing i buy at them is next years aper and cards and then it is only if I am in town and they are there I do not go especially. Bless you all for new years and hope you are feeling better all round.

  3. Glad all went well for you over christmas with your daughter. I shall not be visiting the sales. I never do. I don't need anything and like A Blessed Life said, I too only buy my wrapping paper and cards for next year if they are in a shop I'm visiting.

  4. Hello, I found your blog via Please May I?
    I love the sealed pot challenge and the emergency fund idea. I'm starting a challenge in the new year that will help save pennies and sort out my wardrobe.
    I love this time of year and the new beginnings it brings. Hope you feel better and I'll look forward to regular updates.

  5. I found you through Miss Piggy Bank and am now following your interesting blog.



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