Saturday, 3 September 2011


Milk £1.40
Large White envelopes  £1.30
Large Brown envelopes £1.30
Handwash 2 for £2.00
Refuse sacks £1.30
Cupcakes £1.35
Hair colourant £5.98(Out of daughters pocket money)
Daughter £1.50 (left from her pocket money)
school sports top & sports socks £11.50
Carboot sale items
shoes for me hennes ballet pumps in turquoise 50p!
Mecanno set for son £1.00( this is invaluable to me a few hours peace!)
Hollister t shirt £4.00(for daughter she is wearing it out)
topshop top £1.50
nautical t shirt 50p
nautical dress 50p
blue jumper from river island 50p(for winter)
vest top £1.00
bottle of water 70p(forgot my water again aaarrgghhh)
Last minute meal out with friends
drink £2.29 (refilable!)diet pepsi
rack of ribs, corn on the cob & new potatoes £6.99
bowl of salad
Waffles& ice cream £3.89

Not the best day as far as spending. Had a lovely meal out with 4 friends. It was nice to catch up with each other, talk & laugh. Enjoyed the evening lots. Lucky to have such good friends in my life. We all like car boots & coffee mornings!. They make jam & grow vegetables. I save them jam jars!. Our children will be starting secondary school in september too the same one!
My lovely neighbour brought me round flowers from his garden this evening. Yesterday he & his wife celebrated there wedding anniversary.  I bought them 2 lovely cupcakes with lemon frosting on top and giant daisys and put some little cocktail stick flowers in the cupcake too!.  I fed my other neighbours cat & they very kindly brought me round a bottle of wine(hubby drank it as I dont drink!) & some lovely green beans. So I guess this evening I am thankfull for great friends & neighbours. x  

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