Sunday, 18 September 2011

Day two of good healthy eating

Breakfast - Muesli no added sugar
Snack -       Apple
Lunch - Stir fry using strips of carrot,sliced,green beans,onion,brocolli & noodles as well as vegetable stock & a little rapeseed oil (rich in omega 3)
1 activia yoghurt
Dinner -2 egg omlette with ham with a side salad of tomatoes,radishes & cucumber
small bowl of grapes
Sometimes I get fed up with sandwitches so it was nice to have a stir fry at lunch time. My son & hubby had a small bowl to.  I find it easier following a fresh wholesome diet as I know that anything processed I am not allowed.  My goal is to drop half a stone first of all sensibly & keep the lifestyle change with me. I must admit I do feel better when I know I am making an effort to eat well. 

Money Matters
This past month I have paid the Argos card of which sons tv was bought with.Using his birtday money & I had to pay some extra towards it to.  I am going to cut the Argos card up & get hubby to cancel the account.  One less debt!.  I want to get rid of the Argos card as when I do not want to wait to pay for something. It was readily avaliable to use.
I also paid a family memebr back £635.00 yesterday. Using my £200.00 long term savings, £50.00 emergency fund & £50.00 holiday fund. I had some money in my current account too. I am about over £100.00 overdrawn from paying family member back in my current account + I will have direct debits come out within the next week.  I know it has caused me to go overdrawn & lose the long term saving , holiday pot & emergency fund. But it sure does feel good to know that now I have no outstanding debt.
So with a clean slate!, back to the beginning with
  • No emergency fund!
  • No holiday fund
  • No long term savings
  • No Argos card debt
  • No Debt
So first things first
  1. I will get un overdrawn!
  2. Aim to put £100 in long term savings each month
  3. Aim to put £25 in Emergency fund each month
  4. Aim to put £25 in holiday fund each month 
I am glad I wont be going in to 2012 when it arrives owing anybody anything & thats the way its going to stay to.  I have put some things on ebay as its a free listing day in a hope to make a few pennies. Starting tommorow I am going to keep track of every single penny going out.  Its nice to know none of it is owed out. Of course there are direct debits but you have to pay to live.


  1. Yay for no debt! Great start with the healthy eating..I find it so hard to stick to, so well done!

    That overdraft will soon be gone!

  2. I'm so proud of you!! Wow!! You are doing so well! Keep it up & you'll be hitting those goals in no time! :)



    Sft x

  4. Hi, I'm new to your blog and just wanted to say hello and that I love reading about your new health kick, the veg stir-fry sounds lovely :)



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