Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Slight change to diet

The healthy eating had been going great. Yesterday though I felt a bit peculiar at work. A bit weak in the legs & quite hot. It made me feel a little anxious to be honest.  The only thing that came to mind was the fact  I had drastically cut out sugar from my diet.  Apart from the odd sugar in my tea.  So I had 2 baking boys cupcakes & a peice of chocolate and I must admit I felt better not so shaky.  From having quite a bit of sugar in my diet to none maybe it was too much! for my body to cope with.  So I will have the odd little sweet treat. I am keeping my vegetable eating up though & healthy eating but the odd treat in moderation.


  1. I think having a little sugar in your diet is fine!! Especially because you're eating so well! :)

  2. try fruit smothies, they are full of natural sugar, and banana's too, a little of what you fancy wont go a miss too - everythign in moderation



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