Wednesday, 31 August 2011


Spending for Tuesday
Socks for son £4.00
Socks for son £3.50
Wicker heart £6.00
All you need is love tile £5.00
m&s drink 75p
post office 92p
Anonymous outlay(including postage ummed and arred!) £48.94

Spending for wednesday
Work related £14.85(will get back)
post office 2 x parcels £3.00
Headband £1.25
Charity shop top £1.99
Greggs the bakers £2.07(daughter wanted a chicken bake & I had a ribena)
Bus fare £2.00
Garden broom £2.99

I also made another outlay on tuesday. It is something that I hope will come in handy. I will do another post about wether it does??!! at a later date. Not saying anything yet!!  


  1. a good way to save on drinks when out, I buy multi packs of cheap drinks form home bargains etc, and pop them in my bag ont he way put the door,that way even if you buy food when out, you can cave a few pennies, it saves me a small fortuen with my 3 munchkins

  2. i always take drinks as well, capri sun is our drink of choice !



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