Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Bit behind!

I tallied up last weeks spending monday - sunday £135.82.
Not the best No spend week. I did make a little initial outlay on an item more at a later date!.

Ebay sales pennies made (I look on it as decluttering as well!)
Make up set £7.50
purse £2.99
leather purse £2.99
rose oil 99p
dress £4.99
T-shirt £2.99
skype phone £3.21

Monday    No spend day
Tuesday    Postage at post office for ebay & swap parcel  £13.82
  • weetabix minis £1.59
  • semi skimmed milk £1.65
  • rice crispie squares £1.00
  • rice crispie squares £1.00
  • cheese 2 for £5.00
  • 6 wholemeal rolls £1.25
  • bananas marked down 44p
  • Total £11.93
    When I went to the post office about half walk I got drenched.  I came out of my local co op with a bag of shopping. I started waiting for a bus as I was drenched. I waited 5 mins and thought well I might as well walk and save my £2.00. Seeing as I was soaked. Whats another good soaking!(did not have umbrella as wind was too strong to keep one up).  Children back to school now, so routine falling into place once more.  It takes a few days.  I need to catch up with everyones blogs.   I am off to work soon & straight after on to my little cleaning job. Usually I do it on a thursday but water company doing something with water supply on thursday this week.           
I can feel that it is colder & even put away a few summer clothes. I am looking out for some flanalette sheets for everyones beds. I found some pretty polka dot ones & striped ones but the are so expensive need to look around. So if any of you frugal ones see or know of any let me know!
x bye for now    


  1. Yay for making some extra eBay $$! Well done! It's cold & rainy here too... :( Back to wearing jeans & sweaters already!! *sigh*

  2. I agree that you are doing so well with ebay sales and as you say it's a win-win situation as you're decluttering too!

    It certainly is getting colder isn't it? Mr Sft keeps mentioning that we can light the multi-fuel burner but I'm trying to wait if poss.

    Hope you find the sheets!

    Sft x



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