Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Day 4

Weetabix minis
1 banana
1 apple
1 raw carrot
1 peice of oatylicious toast with yummy marmite
1 activia kiwi yoghut with a 1 kiwi fruit sliced on top
1 banana
5 fish fingers(omega 3 variety)mashed potato with some garlic mixed in!,sprouts & carrots

I am still managing to avoid sugar as best I can . I did have a teaspoon in my tea this morning as my head was so muggy. I know fruit has natural occuring sugar and that I am happy to have. I have been for my blood test this morning.The one for  celiac. I have a telephone appointment booked with the doctor for 2 weeks time. Funny how they do things now.
This morning despite eating all this fresh fruit & vegetables I felt quite tired.  The walk to doctors and back over the field made me feel better though. Hopefully sometime soon i will be doing cartwheels!(cannot do them anyway!).  I asked the nurse what my cholestral was.As I forgot to ask doctor last time.It is 5.7 it should be 5 or below.  That is the striking force in my discipline at the moment. I also know that I am the only one accountable to what goes in my mouth!.  Also I want that squidgy belly gone!.  I am not sure how long before you can have a cholestral re test, or how long it takes to be able to turn things round.  That is my goal to get it normal. I do need to get of my bum in the evening to and be more active & in general all round

Monday Spending
Cakes £3.24 (not for me for work!,will get money back)
Tuesday Spending
m&s Christmas present of tin of biscuits £4.50
orange juice £1.00
Daughter £1.00

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  1. You are doing SO well with your eating and spending. What an inspiration you are to me!

    Sft x



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