Saturday, 10 September 2011

Not Exactly No Spend Days

Wednesday 7th September 
Groceries from asda £23.72 
Friday 9th september
red brogues £8.00
leggings £3.00
picture frame(birthday present) £8.00
pound shop £2.27
Saturday 10th September
oregano tin 89p
cutex mail varnish remover £2.15
christmas biscuit selection £4.99
carton of orange juice & 2 x bananas £1.03
daughter pocket money £7.00
robert dyas spatula 99p 
10 packed lunch drinks £2.00
pack of 10 sponges £1.00 

I had the results from my blood works. I got a letter which said please contact your doctor & make an appointment.  I made my appointment my cholestral was slightly high but not high enough to warrant medication.  Also he said it was rather strange but my iron levels are normal but my ferritin levels are extremely low.  He has ordered some extra blood tests to rule out celiac disease. This is where you may not be able to tolerate wheat & my body may not be absorbing what it needs.Gluten comes in to it somewhere. I have read up on it but without the info in front of me that is my recollection! I eat weetabix, bran flakes etc. I do find I am not always regular despite eating a high fibre diet. Doctor also felt my tummy for fibroids. When I was reading up these popped up in the low ferritin causes. I have not discomfort.  However I do have heavy periods. Still will wait to see definaetely about celiac outcome. Blood test is scheduled for a few weeks time.
I was surprised my cholestral was slightly high. I want to rectify this myself by making changes in my diet. There is always room for improvement in my diet. I am still wanting to lose at least a stone in weight. It just keeps following me about.Always more exercise can be taken to!.

As for my spending. I need to have some no spend days. I am determind to have christmas presents sorted by end of november(I hope).  I always find I spend less when the weather changes too . I am waiting!


  1. How odd life can be! I have high Ferritin levels and have a common genetic blood disorder called,Haematomachrosis and the only way to keep the levels within a reasonable state is venesection, blood letting! My Iron (Haeoglobin) levels are quite high generally. The strangest thing is that I know when the levels (FERRITN are up as I get more or less the same symptoms as someone with Anaemia (low Haemoglobin- Iron) and in the past people used to be treated for anaemia which made their condition worse!

    By the way, I have received my wonderful Seaside swap parcel- you got me down to a 't' as they say! Thank you so much! Will post about it later! Yours is on the way too, I posted it 1st class yesterday, so it should be with you Monday or Tuesday, ENJOY!

    Take care,

    Sandie xx

  2. I'm allergic to gluten as well and eat no wheat/grains whatsoever. I feel a million times better without it! Let us know how the test results turn out!

  3. Yes, take care NSDs.

    You sound so determined to sort out those Christmas presents.

    Sft x



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