Monday, 12 September 2011

One of those days

Did not enjoy work today & so glad I am out today!.
I did not tally up last weeks spending . I have gone overdrawn and  I am dissapointed with myself. I had to pay out for some jobs to be done in the house. Shelves built in recesses in two rooms.  Paid the Argos card of which sons television was bought with prior to his birthday. Even though he got monies from nanny & grandad, aunties, other nanny & us. There was still a short fall I had to pay .
My little cleaning job is coming to an end at the end of the month as they are moving to a pub to run one!.
Money just seems to be going out left , right & centre.
My daughter said to me the other day(14 years) "mum do you get bored with life?". Me " what life in general or just my life? "just your life you must get bored you do not do much apart from go to work"
In that moment I felt like a boring nobody.  My daughter looks at me as if I am just sad. But then I got to thinking & over analyzing and thought gee maybe I do not do much.  Maybe I am boring?!.  I do just seem to drift along & not necessarily make any plans. I read peoples blogs like like Lauras from No more Spending who has many dreams & aspirations & a goal  a focus.  Also 101 Challenge has mortgage challenge that she is so close to & lots of travel plans & places she has visited. I love reading these blogs and admire the goals people have.  Yet it always seems like the money gets swallowed up, sucked up in to just living. I would love to pay of my mortgage quicker my mortgage is £70,000. over 31 years on a straight repayment mortgage its about £345.00 monthly.  I guess sometimes its hard to be able to just live and pay the bills & sometimes it does feel that there is not much fun stuff.   I do not work enough hours & I guess I would like to find a balance or work from home.  My teen daughter has been like a full time job for the past 3 years & any zest I once had feels a bit sucked out(teenage girls should come with a warning!, they do not do what it says on the packet!). OOh I hope I am not sounding like mid life crisis!   I think I am feeling premenstral to!.
Still on a postive note I have eaten super well today! I am going to lose a stone by christmas . That is positive!!!.  I bought shoes from Primark £8.00 in red size 6.  They are so comfy to. I opted for colour as I was fed up with black.
I wrapped up the few christmas presents I have bought with recycled tissue paper & wrapped a lace bow round the presents. I have just been given a lot of it. I hope that whoever receives the lace on there present will do the same and tie it in a bow on someone they knows present!.  Or use it for something.
The cabinet above was £12.00 at a car boot sale . It was dark wood & I have painted it. I have wanted one of these for so long. It is in my hallway and is for putting letters in. I have a little service bell near it to! I always see them in old black & white films!

Todays spending
Builder £176.00
Tea bags & bread £3.52

Tuesday 13th September
Mustard colour brogues £8.00
Pair of bed socks for mum £1.50
Bus fare £2.00
Chocolate for my dad £2.00
Superdrug £4.80

Tommorow is my dads birthday. I will be hopping on the bus to go & see my mum & dad.  


  1. Aww.. somedays are just like that! You're not a boring nobody! Chin up!! :)

    Enjoy the day with your parents tomorrow! :)

  2. Aww sweetie, as Carla says some days are just like this...I hope you feel better today x

    Why not write a small plan, one for the rest of the year's amazing what writing stuff down can do.

    Please remember that I used to think there was no way back for me, but there you CAN do this. I'd love to see you write a bucket list :)

    PS. I also have a teenager who for the last 4 years has acted like an alien...I just don't mention the little darling on my sites but believe you me she drives me crazy every day! :)


  3. Being there for your daughter is more important that money. I am in a similar situation, I could have lots more money to spend on activities/holidays etc if I worked full time but then I wouldnt be here at home time etc and to do other things.

  4. That sounds critical how I have typed my last comment, I didnt mean it to come across like that, I just meant family time is important xx

  5. We all have days when we feel like this, I know I do. I also know what your going through with a teenage daughter. I have two at home and have been through it with their oldler sister too! Not easy.

    Going to have a good read through your blog now, just stummbled on it.



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