Friday, 4 November 2011

Another day

Thanks everyone again for checking on me. Its been a strange week.  The social worker came to collect my daughters stuff.  I had a good chat with her,  she is so nice. I get the feeling she is dissapointed.  I know she wanted DD back with us. Its mad home is where she should be. But likewise I cannot handle any more dramas or anymore stress.  I worry one day in the future & when she is older. I worry that she will hate me, that she will not see that I was driven to letting her go. That I could not take anymore.  Will she feel rejected, will she see it as rejection?.  Even though I feel & know I could not take anymore.  At the beginning of the week she sent me texts saying I was a crap mum & that she would make a much better mother.  Amongst all the other texts that were hurtfull & name calling. I did not respond. We have not spoken once.  I find it hard as she does not seem to appear to care about her family, her brother. Not once has she rang my mum& dad or her auntie.  I guess I feel kinda strange. 
      I had lunch with my good neighbour yesterday. Today I have tidied & cleaned!.  I did homework with my son yesterday got a  bit carried away and virtually did it ooops!.  Still looking out for a job.  Finances are dire but I am not spending as they are so dire.
This weekend will be spent doing whatever turns up.  Have a lovely weekend my kind bloggers. You have really helped x x    


  1. I was just coming to check up on you and up pops a new post! Hey, guess what you made it through the week hun, well done you. I bet it's been an up and down sort of week too my love. It sounds as if you are in this for the long haul doesn't it but I'm sure in time she will come round. Keep a look out in the local papers, that's where I've always found my jobs. What about doing voluntary work for the time being - perhaps in your sons school? That's always a good way to get your foot in the door. Could your parents/in-laws help you out finacially maybe? Look after yourself hun. Sue x x x

  2. I'm sorry, I can't believe she sent you those text messages. Do you have other children? What do they think about all of this?

  3. (((hugs))) I'm so sorry your going through this! As hard as it is, I think you need to ignore her, or constantly reply with, "I love you". One day she'll see the error of her ways I'm sure... Hang in there!

  4. I also came by to see how you were going..gee kids are heartbreakers...the fact is you have done your best and thats all any of us can do..she will grow up one day and perhaps she will never see it from where you all sit but I think she will,also the families that are looking out for her now,well it is all part of the plan of someone higher than us,she may well find Mums not so bad after all...if you can forget the texts and delete them so you aren't tempted to be hurt over and over..bless you and know you are not alone.

  5. they say many hurtful things that can never be taken back, however they actually don't realise this when they say them, so remember that many a hurtful thing is said in the heat of the moment.

    Focus on the positives, your son, your home, your hubby. All filled with love and supporting you every step. Not forgetting all your cyber friends sending you lots of love too.

    X x

  6. I agree with Carla, either ignore the texts or send one that says I love you and will always love you.

    I am glad you have less stress at the moment, give yourself time to get over all that has happened.

    Sft x

  7. hopefully she will come to her senses soon. in the meantime i hope you , hubby & son are ok xx

  8. It must be so hard to not react to her texts but I agree with others - stay strong sweetie x



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