Sunday, 6 November 2011

Good Neighbours & Perspective

I am sitting here with a hot water bottle down the back of my pjs. I have no idea how I have done it but I have hurt my lower back. I have been hobbling around. My lovely neighbour popped in with 2 x packs of paracetemol , Muscle rub,Homemade marmalade & 2 x bottles of Becks(she knows I do not drink & they were for hubby!).  Bless her she is so sweet. She is in her early sixties & it is lovely to have such a good friend & neighbour in the street where we live.  We go out  & do  the charity shop circuit to!
I am so sad for the people involved in the terrible crash on the news. My heart goes out to the families & the loved ones who will not be coming home.Its so sad. The emergency services do a fantastic job &    a very difficult job. I am thinking of them & everyone at this very sad time

Take Care x x                


  1. What a thoughtful gift. How kind.

    That crash was terrible. I feel for all the families.

    X x

  2. Yes, they do a fantastic job, under terrible circumstances.

    We are thinking of their families. So terrible.

    And hope you feel better soon.

    Sft x



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