Sunday, 20 November 2011

A Nice Surprise....

Hubby checked my lottery ticket this morning & I had got 3 numbers & won £50.00 . So that was a nice start to sunday morning.  Its funny though when the health lottery started I just had one line. The week I forgot to put my line on I won £50.00.  So I thought well whats the chance of those numbers coming upagain!. So I picked a different set of numbers to go with my first choice of numbers. Two lines in total each week. so with my new choice of numbers I won.  Hubby went to the newsagents & cashed in my winnings for me. This will be paid into my bank tmrow as I am overdrawn. I really do not like being overdrawn.
      On Thursday I have managed to get an interview for a job.  It should be for just 12 hours a week worked over 2 x 6 hour shifts.  I know it does not sound many hours.  But at the moment this will be plenty for me.  Its funny as I know I do feel tired at the moment due to stress. I am home most of the day by myself & I find I have lots of time to think & run things over in my mind.  I am hoping if I get the job it will give me a diversion.  But equally I know I will find it hard. But maybe it will be good? who knows.  It will be a help having some extra money coming in. Then  I can get some financial goals up & running.  I never want to be in this position again having no emergency fund.  Hubbys car had to have an Mot & Service.  Luckily the person who rents our garage to store there car in paid me Octobers money late,so paid Novembers  & Decembers too. We rent it out for £80.00 a month so luckily we were paid £240.00. The Mot came to £275.00. If we did not have that money we would have been in trouble.  I have got better at spending hardly anything because I have not had the money. I have sold bits & peices on ebay which has helped.  But hey will see how interview goes may not even get the job.  I must try & appear a little more chirpier than I would be at the moment otherwise.
  Still next week I am planning on getting on the healthy eating wagon again!


  1. Congrats on the lottery and the interview!

  2. nice to get a lottery win of any amount, and good luck for the interview!

  3. Congrats on the lottery win and good luck with the interview.

    Sandie xx

  4. Yay!! Congrats on the lottery win! That's a nice surprise! :)

  5. Your sounding a lot better at the moment. Great winning the lottery, what luck when you really need the cash. Good luck with the job interview.

    Karen x



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