Saturday, 26 November 2011

Financial Goals 2012

I love the prospect of a new year.  I know we have not got through christmas yet!.  I think of all the things I would like to do differently .  I do not mean major things. Sometimes it seems that life whizzes by so fast.

My Finance Goals

  • To aim to have an emergency fund/savings fund.  I think this would give Mr No spend & myself  piece of mind. An emergency fund would be great for things unexpected like the car needing fixing.  Any unexpected emergency. I think I will have to lump emergency & savings into the same pot. Hopefully it will grow. I think my goal for 2012 will be to aim for having £3000 pounds in the emergency/savings fund.  
  • I would like to pay some of my direct debits in one go ie tv license. The car insurance in one go as this would work out cheaper as they charge for the pleasure of paying by direct debit. So if I pay in one go, I will make a saving. Some companies do not mind taking every pound they can. so I will make sure I will save every  £££ I can by not giving them any extra!.  I have other direct debits that could probably be paid up front to.
  • To build a buffer in bank account so that I am not overdrawn or will ever need to be. At the moment I always seem to be using my overdraft facility.
  • To really use my spending diary & record every single penny I have to spend
  • To be as frugal & money saving as possible. Whilst still having fun!?    
  • To do ebay . Ebay is good for earning extra pennies. I bought a shirt at a jumble sale for 20p and at the moment it is £5.19. I started it at £4.99!. It was excellent condition. So small profits do add up!    
  • To make sure I  never exceed my minutes on my mobile     
At the moment thats  my financial goals . I will have another think to see what else I can add. I hope 2012 is a better year. What are your  finance goals. Will be back with health goals & also yearly plan goals x x x   


  1. Well mine is to really utilise my sealed pot..I have it all ready to go..A girl was helping me out by working for me Tuesday and Thursday,just doing the main bush mail and I still do the town parcels, last week Treasa told me she can't do Tuesdays any more so that is $30 I am used to paying out,we decided(Bob and I ) that we would place that money in the our aim is to have as much as possible as we are hoping to come back to the Uk maybe 2014 all being well for a visit and we are hoping this pot each year will make it possible..I need to also cut down on shopping grocery I mean as it is always a big shop and we have so much in the pantry,i have already started this with the freezer,it is now full of Christmas meats,ham,pork,turkey but when it is all over we will just live out of the shelves and what we have and start fresh,thinking more about what I buy.I don't really spend much I rarely buy new clothes I just love op shopping so that is never a problem,my other vice is i spoil our 6 grandchildren whenever I can,but i can't change that lol..

  2. Brilliant goals, so sensible. Contingency plans are so important aren't they? We put £50 per month into ours but I wish it was more.

    Looking forward to supporting you next year.

    Sft x

  3. It's not too late to join the sealed pot challenge?

    Sft x

  4. Fabulous goals!! Wishing you the very best of luck!!! :)



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