Tuesday, 22 November 2011

GGGrrrrrrhhhhhh ........

So much for that Lottery win of £50.00.   I have a mobile phone sim with Virgin & I get 1000 texts & 500 minutes a month. Hubby is on a virgin contract so calls between us are always free. I woke up yesterday morning to a text from Virgin saying my account had been suspended as I had exceeded my minutes. I must have talked more that usual to people as my bill was £53.97  .I have never ever in my whole life ran up a mobile bill for the month that size. Normally my mobile bill is £5.32 every month.  I was not aware I had chatted more than usual.  So thats where my lottery win is going. I will not be making the same mistake again ggrrrhhhhh.......
On another note I was given 6 mince pies from my neighbour.  Bless her she has just found out she has diabetes.  I know she wants to lose weight & get in shape.  So I have said we will go walkies.  I hope she does manage to lose some weight as this will greatly help.  She is such a caring & giving person. I hope I can encourage her lots to achieve her goals.
I popped in to my old work yesterday which is a retirement home. I worked there for about a year & I was the entertainment!. I used to work twice a week & go in. We would do card making, floristry, sing alongs, bingo, the coundown game, word games. I used to organise entertainers to come in & community link ups. I really did love my job.  It was really hard sometimes.  You would get residents who did not like each other!. They are quite vocal about it to.  I really did get attached to my folk.  I left quite soon after one of my sweetest ladies passed away. I was with her when she had a stroke & it knocked me for six losing her.  I guess looking back I needed a break from it. I know the girls say you get used to it. But I am a bit of a softie, heart on my sleeve person.  I popped in to see them & collect my P45. It was lovely to see them all.
I spoke to the chief who asked if I was looking for work as she has a 35 hour job.  I declined this on the grounds I would just find it too much & do not want to work myself in to the ground. I said I was looking for 12 - 15 hrs a week.  She said that if the advertised position and the person did not want all the hours, she may be able to do something . I did tell her I was going for an interview on Thursday so really needed to know by then if possible. But while I was there she did ask if I could work 2 x 7 hours shifts next week. I said yes & possibly the week after. I will have to see what happens with the Thursday interview. You always have to have A CRB check that takes a few weeks to come through, so I could probably oblige on the week after next. The staff where I used to work were lovely.  I know the residents well too. Still will have to see. I think they would rather have someone covering the majority of the hours. So who knows. It was like putting on a comfy pair of slippers!.  It is a lovely home very high standard & well run. I was reading the Daily Mail today about cruel & unkind carers.  I just do not know how people can be so.
I spoke to DD briefly & had a call from the school as she is truanting from odd lessons.  At the moment I am just letting her get on with it.
I have ordered a huge pot of Multivitemins & will start taking them. At the moment I am using up my old multivitemins. I am managing to remember to take one each day. I still want to make my diet better .
Catch up soon x x


  1. I do hope you can find hours that fit in for you,I am sure you will.Hope you are feeling full of energy again soon also.Have a restful evening.

  2. Aww...thats too bad on the winnings, but at least it'll cover your overage! :) So I think is still a blessing! Hope that you're able to work something out with your old job! Sounds like you really miss it!



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