Sunday, 6 November 2011

Mini Goals Monday.....

Well I got up at 3.50 am. Its hard to sleep with a bad back that does not allow you to turn in bed.  I have switched to a hard wooden chair to sit it instead of the armchair which hurts more to get up out of.
    DD went to my mum & dads house on saturday afternoon.  My mum said to her " you have been really good past few months, whats happened?",  DD rreply was "oh well me & mummy have issues".  With that she means my view on her embarking on having a baby at 14.  DD is still adament she is going to get pregnant.  I do understand that the more I object the more it makes her want to do things.  So I am thinking I cannot change destiny & whatever will be will be.  Regardless that I am not happy about the situation. I cannot live her life for her, Its natural to want to help your child not want to make mistakes at such a young age . I guess what feels strange to us to is the fact that if she came home & said "mum , dad I am pregnant", but its "mum , dad I am going to try for a baby!" .  With the first its done & there is nothing that could be done about it.  The second way of course any parent would raise objections.  Anyway enough of this on to Monday morning
Monday Morning Mini Goals
Healthy Eating - As of the past month my eating has been terrible. Pure stodge & sugar laden comfort food.  As of today this Monday morning health kick here I come.
I must say I have put on about 5lbs added to the other poundage already waiting to leave !. I have felt more tired & blurrrhhh. I find when I write what I eat down it makes me more accountable.
Multi-Vitemins - To be taken each day, as I did manage to take one & forgot about the rest of the month!
Spending - Well seeing as there are no pennies coming in apart from a wee bit of ebay money. I need to be very very very good. I am overdrawn & it will be hard to get that down till I have a job. But I  need to get this back better first & me stronger. 
Relaxation- Listen to my Paul Mckenna stress cd. Try not to frett & worry .

Be back later x x

Breakfast - Fruit & fibre bran with a small banana chopped on top

Snack- Satsuma & half a slice of toast with marmalade on (testing that marmalade!)

Lunch - tin of soup parsnip, butternut squash & ginger & a slice of wholemeal toast
              Ski  mango & passion fruit yoghurt

Tea - 2 x Sausage, 1 rasher of bacon, 2 grilled tomatoes, beans & 2 X toasts
          2 baking boys cup cakes (ggrrrhhhh)

I never eat cooked breakfasts normally.  I cooked one for mine & hubbys tea when he got in as son was at friends house for tea..   He was worn out so I cooked something quick , tasty  a bit naughty
I am cross I ate 2 cakes though 


  1. Keep up all the positives. Work on what you can change and make a difference with.

    Big Hugs

    Sft x

  2. Hi, I found you again, I lost your blog ages ago when you moved. Have just caught up with your blog posts and I am so so sorry that life has been treating you so badly lately, in fact I thought I'd arrived at the wrong blog to start with. I hope life gets better for you :(

  3. Keep thinking positive hun. Hope the back starts to feel better soon.

    On a positive note at least she has had contact with the family, even if it's not mom or dad. You are spot on thinking that the more you protest the more they want. I was exactly the same and thankfully I turned out alright in the end.

    Love and hugs.

    X x



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