Saturday, 26 November 2011

Strictly Come Dancing !!

I live in a street of maybe 10 homes.  I have great neighbours. I like to check in on my neighbours. There is an old couple in there eighties who live opposite me. I know they feel very isolated.  My other good neighbour takes them out to places in the car garden centres etc. Yesterday I took my cd player & cd over. It was a cd of sing a long songs/pub classics. I switched it on & before I knew it they were dancing away with each other. It was a trip down memory lane for them. They loved the songs which were ones like "roll out the barrel!, Vera Lyn & many others".  It was lovely to see that something so simple & did not cost a penny brought them together dancing.  I have left my cd player round there so they can listen to it when they want.
I picked up my other neighbours prescription yesterday & when I got back she invited me in for some lovely homemade soup it was tomato,sweet potato,pepper & ginger, it was very nice.
Today this neighbour is doing a little christmas sale in a local church hall where there will be lots of stalls. I will go down & have a look as it is a christmassy one.
I went for the job interview which went ok the lady said she could only offer me more hours than what I requested opposed to less.  I must admit it would have been a lot harder for me to have got to work. Still I got another phone call from the place where I am doing a couple of shifts next week & they want me to do an extra shift. So next week I will be doing 21 hours in total!.So they are going to use me as bank staff. Which is ok with me & it gives me flexibility. Sometimes I may not get any work though. Othertimes I will. I will see how it goes. Its amazing in these times how many people have 2 - 3 jobs on top of working full time hours. I have been taking my multi vitemin & actimal!. Trying to make little tweaks.
I have spoken to dd a few times & we are talking ok. Which is a start. She wants to come home!.  I am not ready for this yet. I am going to be selfish & think of me & get me stronger.  Try and lift out of this negative thinking cycle.  DD does not see how she causes all this upset & seems to think we are trojans.
With a new year looming I am thinking about goals etc. I read a very good post on Lauras blog at No More Spending. Laura is great at goals & positivity. I wish I could buy some!
Still I have been listening to a Paul Mckenna cd for the past two days & reading his book anything that helps!
Have a lovely weekend my bloggy friends x x x  

Also i am embarking on a pre - christmas diet as of today.So I will start keeping my daily log on my blog of what I am eating. Makes me accountable!

Breakfast - 1 bowl of special K honey nut clusters ( given to me by neighbour who did not like them!)
Lunch -  1 wholemeal tuna sandwich & shape delight % fat apple crumble flavour yoghurt (very yummy!) 
Dinner  2 x fishcakes, mashed potato & 2 x corn on the cobs ( I had a smaller portion to!)

I am going out tonight!!!up  Asda!. I need to buy fruit as have none left.

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