Tuesday, 8 November 2011


DD came in yesterday with the foster care in tow. Wanted to collect her speakers. Which she did.  The foster carer  looked nice. The foster carer did not say anything though. I tried to make a little bit of small talk. In fact it felt a bit strange really .  I guess I was expecting her to say something anything. It made me feel uncomfortable.  My daughter cheekily put toast in the toaster and waltzed out holding her speakers &  toast.  Daughter was like "see ya later".
     Later on in the evening I felt empty. Tears rolled down my cheeks yet again. I felt quite chocked up really, that she has so little regard for her mum,dad  brother. I guess if we deserved it or were bad parents.  It does not feel right. I find her so cold towards us  its like there is no feeling for her her own flesh  blood.
I cried to husband that I never thought my experience of being a mother would be like this. Anyway thats enough of my rant.
    I ordered Diary Of A wimpy Kid 5 book box set for my son for christmas. I had an email saying it had been dispatched to my old address.  I rang up & said that I had updated the address. They said my billing address was updated but not not the actual delivery address!.  How many bloomin addresses do I have to update. Basically they have said I will have to order it again, as there is nothing they can do. It was £6.99  I used a free delivery code. If I want another one I will have to order & pay for another one.  It is not a signed for item either &  even though they advertise on there site you can track your parcel, they do not actually give you a number to track it !I know it is my fault to , but I can be a bit slow sometimes to,  oh yes I do make mistakes. I feel gutted .  Book peoples customer service is not the best. No solutions offered
  x x gggrrrhhhh  

Breakfast - Fruit & fibre


  1. Sorry to hear you feel low after your daughter brief visit. Things will get better hun. x

    That is pants customer service! I'd email a letter of complaint and see if that works.

    X x

  2. Praying that your daugher sees the light & realizes how she's treating the ones who she should be cherishing most! :(

    That's horrible customer service! Can you buy the set anywhere else?? I sure hope you're at least getting your money back!

  3. Hugs. Your daughter will learn, probably the hard way, and when she is ready all you can do is be there, xxx

  4. You know it is not you, you poor lady,it seems that she is just a bit mixed up,probably comes down to the influence of someone at sometime,not you and hubby...just breathe....and a little prayer.. you will come through this but have grey hair at the end! Did you move far away?is there a chance that your old neighbour knows where you moved to and maybe you could contact them to see the people in your old home..very frustrating isn't it!

  5. Keep your chin up! Focus on the love you have from your son and hubby.

    Sft x



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