Tuesday, 18 October 2011


As usual I have been a slack blogger.  My stinky cold has all but gone but I must admit it has left me feeling a tad washed out.  I was talking to a friend today & we were saying how hard it is to truely relax.  Even though you may be at home and you think because you are at home you are not working. We are always pottering about doing things cleaning,cooking or sorting things out. Thats not really relaxing.  Even watching tv you are concentrating engaging your mind. To really relax to me I guess would be be still, be silent(asleep!). I am not sure I would know how to relax really.

Health Goals
  • To eat as healthy as I can (allowed the odd treat)
  • To take a multivitemin each day(already have these in my first aid drawer),bought them ages ago and never bothered to take them. So this time I am going to take them each day.
  • Listen to my Paul Mckenna relaxation/stress cd
  • I really need to sort my finances out whats left of them.  Since stopping my job I have found it harder to get in to order
I need my stress cd at the moment my teen daughter stresses me out big time. One thing after the other. Primary school years were a doddle, but teenhood it is a whole different ball game. You cannot imagine


  1. Aww... Sorry you're going through a rough time right now! I've been listening to devotionals which really help me start (& finish!) my day on the right foot! :) If it makes you feel any better, I have 2 teenagers, so I can relate! ;)

  2. Hope you feel better soon hun. You don't have to tell me about the stresses of a teenage girl! Mine is in the last year so we are being dragged around all the colleges and 6th forms, nightmare!

    X x

  3. Sorry your still feeling under the weather. I wish I could relax properly. I too have been under the weather this last week and I'm sure if I took more time to relax I would not be feeling so bad. Take care x



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