Thursday, 13 October 2011

Taking A New Approach.....

Last Wednesday was my last official day at work. At the moment I have a stinking cold & feeling a bit bunged up. My cleaning job came to an end. I did the final clean for them.  They had thrown a couple of tops in the bin. I washed them both gave one to my sister as its a lovely top. The other one was a very top in a larger size than what I am am. Hence I have put it on ebay. I started it at £1.99 and it has 2 days to go & is currently at £9.00!. Not bad for picking out of the bin!.  The girls threw away face packs, body scrubs, body lotions & they are now in my bathroom cabinet!.  Cannot beleive how wastefull some people can be. I am about £300.00 down a month for not having those two jobs.
I have been doing ebay & this weeks total is up to £43.00 which I am really happy with.  I am thinking if I could build on this each week perhaps I could bring in a little income.  I have been selling things that I no longer use or wear. I did buy some shoes for £1.50 from a car boot sale & they sold for £9.50 which was good. If I could make some good profits on buying things that would be good. I do enjoy going to carboot sales.  I am not sure if there is a special formula to selling on ebay!.  I would love to aim to be making £100.00 a week from ebay if not more!. Not sure how long it would take to get to that level. I guess as time goes on I will be able to see what sells well & what does not.
Not working does come at a price & I really do need to watch things now.  If a little christmas job comes up I may do that to. 
I notice on a lot of blogs that Dave Ramsey is mentioned  I read through the information.  I guess he is a bit like the UK version of Money Saving Expert Martin Lewis.
Dave Ramsey recomends as Baby Step 1 getting an Emergency fund of $1000.00 dollars (Approx £500.00). I like the idea of Baby Steps . So I am going to change my approach. As currently I have a fund for long term savings, emergency fund & a holiday fund.  As you know these went down to zero as I paid my sister back the cash I had borrowed of her.  I am finding that by having the 3 funds they seem to stay small. So I am changing to Dave Ramseys approach so my first Baby Step is going to be an Emergency Fund.  I will not embark on a holiday fund or any other fund until. I have done Babystep 1.  Babystep one is going to be funded from ebay sales  


  1. Sometimes, having only one focus will help, instead of trying to watch several pots of money grow so slowly.

  2. Once you hit that $1K goal you'll have the motivation to keep on going! Good luck! You can do it!! :)



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