Sunday, 2 October 2011

Manic Monday!.

My mini goals starting Monday!

  • Continue with healthy eating with the odd small treat!
  • Have vegetables each day with my dinner.
  • Stock up on some fruit tomorrow as its all gone
  •  Make sure I get back on track as far as keeping spending to a minimum.  
Tomorrow I am going of to work till one o clock (only 2 sessions left!). Afterwards I have got to bus straight to my last session of my little cleaning job too. They are moving out tomorrow so I need to give the place a really good clean. They will be giving keys back to the landlord. I am guessing waiting for a deposit back to.  Its been a handy local little cleaning job. The girls texted me the other day & said I could have anything I wanted from the kitchen!. As they were buying all new for there new place!. I came back with...
  • 2 white teapots
  • white sugar pot
  • white egg cups
  • white bodrum mugs
  • Large white dinner plates
  • Huge bowls (like the ones you get in a restaurant when you have spaghetti)
  • 2 lovely frying pans silver posh ones!(much nicer than mine
  • A huge crock pot
  • 2 vintage white pudding bowls
All the bits where lovely & fitted on my dresser all the plates & bowls. The pans are hanging on my rack. The pudding bowls are on display have 5 now!.  I like plain white crockery.
Enjoy the bangles, I love the bangles...

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