Saturday, 1 October 2011

Tightening my belt!

My last days at work are next week.  I will miss the people at work.  There are always aspects of a job that you do not like to.  My plans are to do some voluntary work & maybe a few hours work in something entirely different to!
I will do some ebay to &  hopefully earn a few pounds with that.  I will make sure I  really watch those pennies & tighten my belt.  On Monday I am going to get back into the habit of keeping a daily record of what I spend(even though I will be trying hard not to spend!);
I am going to do an audit tomorrow on  all my body lotions, face creams,shampoos etc etc. I am going to try & get them in to some sort of order.  I will make sure nothing is bought till it is all used. I will list all the bits like I did on my last blog!(blog that went wrong)!


  1. I've been really wanting to see more of my stuff on ebay. I maybe sell one item every couple of months, but I have so much stuff to get rid of.

  2. I am just using up the last of my shampoo.

    Got lots of other stuff to use up too.

    Good luck with the last few days at work.

    Really looking forward to reading the posts of your new life!

    Sft x



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