Friday, 6 April 2012

Yo yo!

Its a long time since I have posted. I did not mean for so much time to elapse between my blog posts.  I would love to say life has been peachy!.  Having DD is hard work.  I also guess having not being able to shake of my low mood is hard sometimes. As sometimes I feel ok, sometimes not & sometimes plain fed up.  I try not to give in to it.  I stopped seeing the counsellor & will have a Cbt workshop in May time. 
I have been planting tomato plants given to me by my nice neighbour. I have also planted some runner beans.  Spending time in the garden & sunshine is nice.  I have been doing lots of ironing!. I have even posted out some postcards locally advertising !. Nothing has come back yet. 
The holiday fund & emergency fund took a big hit as we needed to get a new bed.  All of a sudden it seemed that we could feel the springs & wires in our bed.  We decided on a Silentnight bed & spent quite a bit on it as well as a headboard.  We are waiting for it to be delivered.  We had a cream iron bed with brass finials on before & this time we decided on comfort opposed to what it looked like firstly!.  It was nice to be able to pay for it with cash upfront & we did feel gutted to that the holiday fund & emergency fund took a big dent.  Still hopefully we will get super sleeps! & be full of energy!
Since I have been away from my blog I feel like my money saving & frugalness has vanished. I think you bloggers make me more motivated with your frugalness.  I need to seriously get back on the money saving wagon & re jig the finances as it is all in array!. 
Will be back tmrow with a To Do List & Agenda! xx  


  1. Nice to see you posting again. Is your daughter back with you permanently now? I hope the sessions help you with things once they start.I find that being in the fresh air and planting things is good for my mood - particularly if you really concentrate on what you're doing and appreciate it. I was introduced to 'Mindfulness' by the psychologist I saw , and also went to Mindfulness sessions at the Pain Management Dept of the local hospital. It may be worth googling it and having a read.I also wanted to say thanks for encouraging me to sell on ebay - it's going quite well.

  2. Glad your back hun, I for one have missed your posts.

    Does this mean your daughter is back home now then? How are you coping? we have exams stress in our house, its not fun at all I can tell you.

    Wishing you and yours a happy Easter.

    X x

  3. Hi - Nice to see you're back - Don't worry about being frugal, paying for the new bed in cash is brilliant! we all fall off the roundabout some times - secret is to just get back to the 'place' you were in before and get going again - Take care and be easy on yourself xxx



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