Thursday, 12 April 2012

The day After

The morning after I did that brisk walk. I woke up and my muscles felt so achy & I felt generaly tired. To be honest I have felt pretty achy & tired since.  I do not work full time. I do my little cleaning job & a few ironing jobs each week.  I would like to work more hours & I am not making excuses.  In a month I spend so much of it feeling tired & washed out. Heavy periods do not help the matter I must admit. I have had blood tests as I have sometimes suffered with anemia.  In general I put my tiredness down to low mood/ depression. I swing from feeling ok to feeling weepy.  I wish I did not but as you know when you feel like that you just cannot help it.  I really could not handle working a block of hours.  I have been on prozac/ floroxitine for over 3 years it is a 20mg dosage. Sometimes I wonder if that has given me a general malaise.  I want to stop taking it one day but also feel terrified that lots of feelings of anxiety/panic will come flooding back. I do feel a degree of it anyway.  Sometimes it is all so wearing.  I can come across as pretty upbeat & sometimes I do feel pretty upbeat.  Its inside that we hold it.  DD has been staying all week (!) funny how I am worn out now?!.

So today to help myself I am going to eat more fruit & drink more water & only have 1 cup of tea. I drink far to much tea that coupled with anxiety can sometimes give me palpitations.  I think it is hormonal to as they can be on either side of a period to.
I have booked to have some low lights, cut & blow dry next week as well at a cost of £55.00 in total. I need a little treat & sometimes I look in the mirror and see these dark circles under my eyes.  So i thought a hair treat would be a good place to start. I need a little pampering!
I love this website I saved this article

How do you relax & do you get stages of feeling weepy/ weary?


  1. I thinking that the fact you work at all is pretty amazing don't be so hard on yourself!

  2. A bit of pampering can work wonders, hope you're feeling better soon. xx

  3. Yes, of course, we all do!

    Take it easy and as Rainbowchild said 'pamper yourself'.

    SFT X

  4. Hope fully you will feel fab after a bit of pampering hun.

    X x

  5. I don't work (I do part-time volunteer work though) and I get really tired too. I'm also on Prozac. Have you had a chat with your Dr. lately? My depression is hormonally affected and as I'm at that delightful mid-life stage, my drugs have needed a fair bit of tweaking lately.I think you do really well to do all that you do and I agree that you deserve some pampering :)



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