Sunday, 29 April 2012

Weekly Goals

Today we all went to my mum & dads for dinner. It was DH birthday yesterday. My son gave dh shower gel, deoderant & shaving foam. He loves that sort of present as it is pratical & useful.  DD got DH some lovely after shave which again he was most pleased with. DH & I do not get each other a present. We just figure that if we wanted or needed something we would get it as and when & not for the sake of it. My mum & dad give Dh money to treat himself & my sister gives Dh some money to.  Dh mum will take us out for a meal when she visits in May as she does not live in the UK anymore.  My sweet mum gave us a little food bag of soups , cereal, tuna & muffins. I also got lots of magazines to read. They will keep me quiet!. As well as the book "Water For Elephants" my mum found this one in the charity shop for 50p.  I am a slow reader & I am still reading "The Help!".

On the way back from my mum & dads I bought a large hard backed notebook in Tescos. I wanted a large one as my Ds has pinched one of my smaller ones! & also my spending diary got all soggy in the bottom of my bag when my water leaked. As it is all new & shiny it should encourage me to be good right!??.   
So leading on from that my Monday week goals!
  • Every single penny that has to be spent if any is to be recorded in my book & I am determind to keep this up
  • Everyweek I say it & everyweek I cave in.  But this week nothing sweet is going to pass my lips.  Just lots of fruit & good healthy smaller portions(feel free to join me!).  Control those cravings
  • Keep a food diary for the week
The emergency fund is sitting at £450.00 .  It will be £500.00 when cheque clears. I also have £20.00 from garage rental to pay in. I have been paying in the money made from ironing & this has helped.  DH seems to be more on board with the idea of the emergency fund.  So next goal will be a £1000. pounds.
Bye for now xx 


  1. Sounds like DH had a lovely birthday. I love practical gifts too.

    Hope you have a really successful week.

    Sft x

  2. I saw the film Water for Elephants I really enjoyed it so hope you enjoy the book.

  3. Sounds like you are back on track,i need to do something about the weight thing but the medication is really throwing things out of whack..I m going to make my goal the summer that way less kind to yourself and every little bit adds up and you are going so well with your fund.

  4. You sound like your back in control and determind to make it work. Well done.

    Karen x

  5. Great goals for the week! I have tat book to read as well... One day!! lol!

  6. Gooid luck with your goals this week.. I baked loads yesterday so unfortunately have some sweet food in.

    X x



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