Monday, 12 March 2012

Let the Sunshine!

I did not intend having such a long blog break.  Not quite sure where to start!.  Been quite busy.  A few ups & a few downs.  Mr No Spend had a bit of worry at work with regard to job so that was a bit of an uncertain time.  He has been given a 6 %(temporary pay rise) which will come in handy.  He is doing 2 peoples work & this rise reflects all the extra he is having to do.  The manager position has been offered to him.  Mr No Spend has not said yes & he has not said No.  I am not sure he wants the managers position & the responsibility.  He does have most of the responsibility now. We are anything for an easy life!
I have been doing lots & lots of ironing.  I was able to buy Mr No Spends prescription glasses which were £50.00 ( for reading & on the computer).
Emergency Fund-This has £300.00 in the fund now
Holiday Fund-The holiday fund from ebay sales has £200.00 in the pot.
The next lot of ebay money will be going towards our April half yearly water bill.  I have £50.00 in the paypal & the water bill is usually £200. - £250.00 yikes!Need to get selling more.
Our garage tenant has a new lock up via work so we will be losing that £80.00 a month. My neighbour is going to rent half a garage of us for £10.00 a week.  Which means I will be able to store bits & bobs in there to.  My ebay corner in the conservatory does seem to grow so it will be a welcome space! 
I was a bit naughty earlier on in the month & bought 3 lovely tops. 
I have stopped my counseling,as my nhs cbt appointment is coming in May it is going to be 3 x 2 hour workshops on Anxiety management & all the trimmings! as well as a one to one at a later date.  
I need to get back on the wagon with regard to being more stringent with spending as it seems to have taken a back seat.
No weight lost!.  But i have made my self walk 3 evenings last week & the week before with my sons music in my ears!. Me brisk walking !.  I do like walking & I am finding it stress relief.  My son lets me use his ipod touch I have 3 songs on there!,one is St Elmos fire it makes me walk faster.
I will try & catch up with everyone this week. I am a bit slow at being organised sometimes. Thank you for dropping in & checking in on me x x x  


  1. Know what you mean about keeping up with writing on the blog regular. I've been falling behind lately. Your doing well getting out and about. It can sometimes be a chore to get motivated to go for a walk but I always find I'm glad I did it once I'm out and about. Take care and looking forward to more posts from you.
    Karen x

  2. Really glad you are ok, as I have been thinking of you. Sorry to hear hubbys job has been stressful, hope he starts to feel better about it all soon.

    Sending hugs.

    X x

  3. Hope everything is okay. Long time since you blogged but still check in on you. Hope to hear from you soon. Best wishes, Love Karen xx



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