Monday, 23 April 2012

Must try harder!

Today I had to go to town as I needed to get some new jeans.  My jeans have gone Awol!. I have either donated them to charity by mistake or ironed them & they have gone in with one of the customers ironing!???.  I only had the one pair. Luckily I had a voucher for £12.00 for M&S, & found a pair of boot cut jeans for £12.50.  I did look in a few other shops for jeans. I really dislike shopping for jeans especially.  I got a size 14 and I did have to pull them in to do them up.  I decided then & there enough is enough. I must try harder to lose that stone.  I refuse to go up any further in weight & clothes size.

Day 1!
Brek -  Muesli & semi skimmed milk

Lunch - Wholemeal cheese & salad cream roll
              1 banana

Snack - A small bowl of celery & potato soup(made with wilting celery!, it was delicious)

Dinner- Mixed green salad & wholewheat pasta with tomato pesto & 2 x slices of garlic sausage


I weighed out 80grms of pasta which was a serving for one person!. On seeing it after it was cooked I can see where my portion size goes seriously wrong. Where I can with certain food I will weigh them out especially pasta.

Managed to pop £100.00 in to the emergency fund last week. Emergency fund is now at £300.00.  Which I am pleased , after buying the bed.
I did  get alot of ironing work last week which was good. A few things sold on ebay but that will be going towards that water bill when it finally arrives.  Then I will set up a direct debit for the water bill.  Then anything made on ebay will go towards our £0.00 holiday fund ggrrhh! I have not got much left to sell on ebay anymore.    


  1. I know how you feel. I have two pairs of H&M trousers which are (Takes a deep in take of breath and hold head in shame!) a size 16! AHHHHH.

    I must try harder other wise I will be the beach whale when we go away and I won't be happy. Running is happening, but I hate it with a passion and I refuse to pay £5 a pop for the exercise eclipses held locally. i think I will go back to swimming on a weekend as well as my own exercise videos.

    X x

  2. I am waiting until I see the specialist on Thursday and then see what he does with my medication,at the moment he keeps changing the dosage and it makes a difference of 5kilo either way,it i frustrating and hard to get keen,but I will try really hard after that visit.
    Well done on building up your savings again,you have done really well..shame about your jeans though,they may come back if they are in someones ironing.

  3. Good luck with the healthy eating. I too don't want to buy any more clothes and lose a bit of weight.

    Your emergency fund is looking good. Don't forget to change your dollarbar graph to £300!

    Sft x

  4. I can relate to that! I have lots of clothes but am growing wider by the day and hardly any of it fits and it is getting worse argghhhh.

  5. Losing weight is not easy, but it's worth the effort!! :) Great job on the EF!!! Keep it up!



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