Thursday, 19 April 2012

In bed early!!!

I am in bed early tonight doing this blog post!.  Yesterday the new bed arrived. Our old bed was a white iron one. Every turn in the bed it squeaked. Every so often it needed tightening up. The mattres was awful you could feel the wires & every time you moved it went ping ping ping!. Our emergency fund got spent on this & it cost us £650.00 including delivery. I have never spent so much on a bed in my lifetime. I think the fact that it will last a very long time will help. Also I guess we spend a good proportion of our lives sleeping in a bed.  This time we went for a divan with drawers. We went for comfort. We picked a plain linen head board. I really like plain simplistic furnishing. I find it calming in my cluttered mind!
I even painted the wall behind my bed a french grey colour & the wardrobe which you cannot see swedish blue!. Our home has a beach feel to it & I like that. 
I have been squealing with delight since the bed arrived the comfort of it compared to the old bed. Shoes & bags do not compare!(not that I am a shoe or bag person really!) 
Even though the emergency fund is gone , it felt nice to pay for it in cash & not credit
Night x x x
ps hope you do not hear me snoring!


  1. It is a great idea to buy a really good bed..I imagine you will have the best sleep ever.We have an old antique iron and brass one and Bob would not part with it so we bought a really expensive ensemble bed and removed the wire base and the base of the ensemble fitted in there perfectly and the other piece on top..mind you I can probably touch the ceiling fan as we sleep at a hight altitude lol..yours looks wonderful and great with the drawers.How wonderful about paying cash,we did the same recently when we had to replace the TV,it felt awful to see the money go but so good to pay cash..well done..sweet dreams.

  2. Nothing beats a new bed? Hope you have a good nights sleep.

    X x

  3. Oh there's nothing like a good night's sleep!!
    Don't forget to give it a proper "workout" though! (lol)

    Fostermummy xxx

  4. Enjoy your first night in your new bed. Love your bedroom.

    Karen x

  5. Enjoy your new bed!

  6. Your bedroom looks so calm and peaceful

  7. Nothing like paying in cash is there!!



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