Tuesday, 24 April 2012


Brek  -   2 weetabix with sliced banana

Snack -  1 apple

Lunch -  leftover mug of celery soup & a wholemeal garlic sausage & houmous roll

Snack -  Tiny peice of coconut cake (visited elderly neighbours for an hour & they will not take no for    an answer when they offer you cake!

Dinner - mashed potato, beans & 4 sausages(They shrank when cooking honest!)
               2 peanut tracker bars (100 calories per bar).They have seriously got smaller over the years

I should not have eaten 4 sausages & I should have just had that little bit of coconut cake. Not 2 trackers. Still will do better tommorow now no temptations luring me!

At the moment I have a nice face mask on. I bought it for 30p at the car  boot sale. It is one of those ones that goes on like a gel & it goes all tight. Then you peel it of, I love that bit!Its Avon lavender & Jasmine.  At the car boot sale I have bought a few different cosmetic unopened items.  I would be tempted to buy this from Avon if I see it . I usually have 2 face masks a week. My skin feels all lovely & soft after this one. I then use a toner & a moisturizer.  I do have times where I am to lazy to do this routine! As I had my hair done last week I have been making an effort to pamper myself 
 Do you have any budget brands that you love? Or any special beauty tips that you want to share ?


  1. You can't go wrong with Wilkinsons own brands they are lovely and a great price too.

    X x

  2. I smiled when I read about the sausages as sometimes when i finish a meal I remember I was going to downsize my portion...too late !!! lol anyway you made my day I am not alone...my favourite product is Garnier Ultralift moisturiser it has a sunscreen in it and it is so lovely on your skin...supposed to get rid of the wrinkles too lol it is about Aussie $20 a small jar but it lasts for ages as you use so little i use it everyday..not that it makes me beautiful,just makes me feel nice,that and a little squirt of my fav perfume if I am home work or out Estee Lauder Youth Jew is the only one I have worn for years,when my grandchildren smell someone walk by and it is the same they comment and say that they can smell Nanny lol...

  3. Normally I just use Aldi's moisturiser which I think is £1.99. It's really nice on my skin. At the moment I'm using some Wilkinson moisturiser which cost 89p but my skin has not been so good using this. I shall revert back to my Aldi cream next week when I'm paid. Daughter can have my wilkinson's cream as it's not rich enough for my skin.

    Karen x



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